Urgent .. Source: Maliki’s decision to dismiss freezes Hamdiya dry after a day

Urgent .. Source: Maliki’s decision to dismiss freezes Hamdiya dry after a day of اقالتها

Monday, September 02 / September 2013 14:47

Urgent .. Source: Maliki's decision to dismiss freezes Hamdiya dry after a day[Baghdad – where]

A source in the Trade Bank of Iraq said on Monday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki decided to freeze the bank’s decision to dismiss director dry Hamdiya from her position after day one of اقالتها.

A source revealed on Sunday’s [where] that “al-Maliki sent a letter to the bank eliminates Dry sacking of her position and the appointment of commercial attache at the Iraqi Embassy in London [owner Abbas Muhammad Tabtabaie] the new director of the bank, succeeding her.”

The source told all of Iraq [where] that “a decision of the prime minister freezing decision to dismiss [dry],” noting that “[Dry] continues to work as a director of the bank.”

He pointed out that “a committee of the Ministry of Health visited the bank for the search for blood donors for patients with Iraq and not, as some claimed it to inspection or investigative committee belonging to government agencies to search for corruption in the bank. ”

The source indicated that “a cadre bank headed Dry received the Commission and affirmed its readiness and led by the Director-General to meet the call to help campaign and wide to donate blood in order to secure the balance of blood banks to support and rescue emergencies that afflict the Iraqi people and showed that the campaign launched by her bank will be extensive and include all branches in Baghdad and the provinces and will continue until the completion of the donation to all the staff of the bank. ”

The head of TBI Hamdiya dry that were operating highly expert in the Rafidain Bank, has been tasked on 18 July 2011 by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of the functions of the presidency of TBI [TPI] successor to the director of the previous Hussein Azri, who fled out of Iraq after being accused of financial and administrative corruption in the bank, and subsequently issued a warrant for his arrest on corruption charges. ended.