Jubouri: Central Bank take even two steps to raise the price of the Iraqi dinar


BAGHDAD / JD / .. According to a member of the Finance Committee’s parliamentary Haitham Jubouri take two steps the Iraqi Central Bank to raise the price of the Iraqi dinar and weighed against the U.S. dollar. Jubouri said L / JD / “The central bank has taken two steps is to first new controls on the value of the transfer and identify external electronic point of arrival and will go to any country,” and secondly “to keep the bank with $ 65 billion in capital.” Jubouri and “The Bank to keep the $ 65 billion is a very good capital that would preserve… the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, an increase of supply relative to demand in the local markets.” He said, “The Iraqi market is witnessing the fluctuation of the local currency and the high exchange rate for foreign currency must be careful in making decisions.” He was a member of the Finance Committee has expressed confidence in the stability of the purchasing power of the Iraqi currency in the coming days. “, Stressing that these precautions have escalated. Said the Iraqi Central Bank in a statement, obtained by (JD) a copy of it”: that some of the journalist community deliberated analyzes marred by a lot of palaces, which indicated that the Iraqi Central Bank’s reserves of foreign currency has decreased during the last few months, billions of dollars. The central bank said that these numbers or other sales are the result of the dollar to the regular customers of Iraqis and through the daily operations of the foreign currency auction in the past months or years, knowing that the bank’s reserves of foreign currency has not declined but increased during the last period. He noted that central to the direct intervention of neighboring countries in this auction is baseless and unfounded, although the regional impacts of current left indirect effects on the movements of foreign exchange in the domestic money market. The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives has warned of the danger of the continuing decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against the U.S. dollar, which arrived during the last few days of 1300 dinars to the dollar, for the first time in nearly four years. On the other hand reduced the appearance of the bank adviser Mohammed Saleh, the risk of devaluation of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, and said it will disappear gradually forming bubbles. It is noteworthy: The Cabinet had formed a committee to study the fluctuation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in recent times, to provide appropriate solutions and to prevent damage to the economy home / expired / 11 n