The World Bank will meet today to elect a speaker and a front-runner candidate U.S.

The World Bank will meet today to elect a speaker and a front-runner candidate U.S.

16 ابريل 2012 – 08

AFP – WASHINGTON (AFP) – The Board of Directors of the World Bank meeting in Washington on Monday to choose a president of this body that provide assistance for development in a vote likely to win the U.S. Candidate Jim Yong Kim in it. Faces Kim (52 ​​years), physician and anthropologist who heads the University of Dartmouth in New Hampshire (NE) and Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo Aewala (57 years), who worked 25 years at the World Bank. And expects to… name successor Robert Zoellick, who finished in the June 30 mandate, which lasted five years, this afternoon.

The 25 member Board of Directors in the financial states or groups of countries. And is supposed to decide “by consensus” and without a vote of principle.

It seems it’s a done deal, as that Kim can count on the support representative American, Japanese and Canadian, Russian and Europeans probably. And combines these voices of the American candidate has apparently comfortable majority.

These cluster together constitute sixty percent of the vote.

And share the United States and Europe since 1946, a tacit agreement under the presidency of the World Bank and the General Administration of the International Monetary Fund. This “tradition” continues.

Have tried Okonjo Aewala made Powell’s nomination for U.S. to head the World Bank, to change this tradition.

She said that Americans and Europeans “share the responsibility to keep the system passed it sixty years.”

She said she asked the members of the Board of Directors at their meeting in the “oral Amthanha” but give their support, “but rather to support the measures depend on the efficiency.”

And Jim Yong Kim, who was unknown before announcing his candidacy, was born in South Korea but grew up in Iowa. And received a degree in medicine and anthropology at Harvard University and was a professor at the universities of medicine are numerous.

Between 2003 and 2007 took the file of AIDS in the World Health Organization for the distribution of medicines in developing countries. Has contributed to the creation of an organization, “said Health Partners,” which is active in the circles of poor and disadvantaged everywhere in the

Haiti to Russia.

He is currently Chairman of the prestigious Dartmouth University, and is married to William Aonsuk pediatrician that came to deal with children living with AIDS in Africa.

Has been described by President Barack Obama as a man “a truly global experience (…) making it the Garda to establish partnerships.”

In less than a month, Kim has traveled to make contact with governments in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The front of the Board of Directors confirmed that he would abide by the “packages” and “objective” if it was chosen for the post.

Kim will take over and manage the World Bank, succeeding Robert Zoellick.

Kim will be the American XII, who held the post since 1946, for a term of five years commencing on the first of July / July

Kim will attend the election Monday. It will arrive to Lima, where he spent part of his career in the nineties to work in the fight against tuberculosis.

Okonjo-Iweala either nominated by their countries of Nigeria and South Africa and Angola for the job, they enjoy great popularity in the International where she worked for 25 years.

And Minister of Finance and the Nigerian economy this expert, was born to an aristocratic family from southern Nigeria, and got a degree in economics from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Economics and Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In the latest Tolth position at the World Bank, the Assistant Director-General before the new Nigerian government entrusted to supervise the financial reforms.

She is married to a surgeon and they have four children.

The economic Colombian Jose Antonio Ocampo (59 years), announced the withdrawal of his nomination to head the World Bank and its support for the nomination and Nigerian Finance Minister.