Chalabi warns against the introduction of the Central Bank within the framework of government and about it he describes the devastating and extremely dangerous

Sunday, April 15 / April 2012 16:10

Baghdad News} {Euphrates Alliance MP warned the Iraqi National Congress head Ahmed Chalabi of the national process, “the introduction of the central bank subject to supervision by the government, describing it as” devastating and extremely dangerous. “

And Chalabi said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} that “the central bank is one of the independent bodies that are subject to the supervision of the Iraqi parliament because it protects the Iraqi dinar, which is the property of the Iraqi people, not the government.”

And said the “Central Bank Law of 2004 provides that Article II does not interfere with any party in the Central Bank and government, especially the parties.”…

He and Chalabi, who served as Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in the government of Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that “the economic downturn that has plagued Iraq in previous periods due to the introduction of central bank lending as a party to the government and this is forbidden by law.”

Noted that many of the Iraqi political blocs earlier accused the government control of all independent bodies after the government presented a request to make the central bank bound directly. Ended 11