Monetary policy .. Problem in the principles or in the performance?

Monetary policy .. Problem in the principles or in the performance?
04/15/2012 0:00

 D. Mehdi Hafedh 
the problems related to monetary policy in Iraq worth looking on the basis of professional, objective and free from conflicts and partisan political interests. The most important of these foundations is to ensure the protection of Iraq and to secure funds invested in a constructive and fruitful indeed. Yesterday, escalated tensions on the price of Iraqi currency and the gradual degradation in front of the U.S. dollar, and then came the economic decisions of the Committee of Ministers to declare a desire to issue a formal request to the U.S. government to… extend the executive decision of the Judge President of the U.S. to protect Iraqi funds. And between this and that hesitation to talk about the disappearance of huge sums estimated at several billions of dollars in past years, and did not find conclusive answer them. 
this imbalance explicit policies and actions dealt with “World Bank” in the report is extremely important and hinted that the great imbalance in the financial position and cash lies in the number of joints and the most important of turmoil and underdevelopment that afflict the banking sector, both official (government) and civil (private). This was in the report which was released in the past year at the request of an official from the Iraqi government (Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Iraq). 
of inalienable rights, is a keen community and public opinion access to all Khvaya fiscal and monetary policy, and give their opinion and advice and even pressure the project to ensure the case sound in the transactions taking place in this center. For example, exposure of the Iraqi dinar to the shock which resulted in, the intensification of price volatility prompted the Authority to form a special committee to discuss this matter. And what did the administration’s official monetary sector on the approaching expiration of the protection of the U.S. Iraqi funds amounting to less than a month, where it ends in May next. It is also wise and right frequency the question of the size of Iraq’s money accumulated in the bank account U.S. and return to Iraq and now required to renew protection. 
that the problem was and still is in the poor performance the official, it is not true over-stated principles and quote some of the articles of the Constitution to justify the wrong practices or inadequate , Vamenhjah officials declared the official direct-deficient adults, where there is neglect of the economic situation and the need to reform an environment necessary for monetary policy and the prosperity of opinion between the last estimated the economic difficulties and considers it a reason for some of the palaces. The Constitution is explicit in its emphasis on the link between monetary policy and economic development, but consider them to two twin. The reference to “independence” absolutely is a tendency to kind of isolationism, something that can not be accepted in the state designed to build on the foundations of a new and modern, if obtained practices or procedures wrong or not the required level, how can be addressed without returning to the rules of power and public order in the state? Valastqlalah accepted principle within the specific terms of reference and subject to general principles of the administrative system of the state. 
and this is what should be referred to as a way guarantee any particular abuses and as a way to keep the state funds and the safety and vital power 
 of cash.