About almost certain escape of the family of al-Maliki to Britain

About almost certain escape of the family of al-Maliki to Britain

Created on Thursday, August 29 / August 2013 11:21

About almost certain escape of the family of al-Maliki to BritainBaghdad / Orr News

Reported local media reported that al-Maliki left the family to Britain under the supervision of the brother-in-law Hussein Hadi Ahmed Hussein al-Maliki, known as Abou Rehab, a nephew of al-Maliki and his private secretary and supervisor of the members of the protections of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and is married to a daughter Isra major.

It quoted sources, described Bmoabedh from inside the Green Zone, the family of al-Maliki, consisting of his wife (or Isra) and her daughters, Isra and Hawraa married to one of his bodyguards Yasser Ckal and his youngest daughter left Iraq to Britain yesterday Alarava, E As his son (Ahmed) emphasized the sources disappeared since the days of Pat does not appear in the office of his father, though officially appointed as Associate Director of the Private Office of the owners.

According to the media this, the (Abou Rehab) is accused of corruption and kickbacks and great deals, including blackmailing businessmen and receipt (Alcolmhnat) commissions them against facilitating the process of signing his uncle al-Maliki on some transactions involving work contracts and some businessmen, noting that (Abou Rehab ) is today the owners of wealth and property in the city of Karbala since bought a number of properties near the shrines of Imams Hussein and Abbas (peace be upon them) in billions of dinars after it was in 2003 baker in Syria either Yasser Ckal is from employers precedents and had previously been sentenced to several charges and is married of Hawraa daughter-Maliki Central. I tried Agency (UR) Contact Ali al-Moussawi, press adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but he did not answer the phone at all.

The news agency also noted escape family member of a coalition of state law Saad logistical member of the Baghdad Provincial Council to London on the evening of Monday, the Twenty-fifth of the month of Aug. .. sources confirmed particularly in London in Information Agency Sumer news that the family of logistical arrived Monday evening on Airbus coming from Baghdad, began at noon and was accompanied by MP said.

Maliki’s government is witnessing the phenomenon of smuggling families outside the country, officials Thspas any emergency may occur on the political scene in Iraq, especially that put Maliki is reeling has been aired at any moment, according to the agency.