U.S. launches spy satellite

U.S. launches spy satellite

Thursday, August 29 / August 2013 09:17

U.S. launches spy satellite[Follow-up – where]

The United States launched Wednesday a huge rocket carrying a spy satellite from the coast of California.

The rocket blasted [The Delta which Hefei from the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Base, the direction of near-Earth orbit, according to officials Foundation [United Launch Alliance]

The rocket was carrying a satellite belonging to the National Reconnaissance Office, which oversees intelligence-gathering satellite, were not disclosed further details, because of the secrecy of the task.

Referred to as the United Launch Alliance or United launch Alliance, a joint venture between the Bretton [Lockheed Martin and Boeing to provide special services for space launch to the federal government, with programs Atlas and Delta rockets. The Delta rocket which Hefei which extends a length of twenty-three floors, is the largest in the country rocket.

The last time I launched the rocket from Vandenberg in 2011, engines roar shook the neighboring city of Lompoc. Some people said they heard the roar of the engine from a distance of eighty kilometers.

And this time, been running three engines and one by one the reduced impact on the region during take-off. Ended