Vice chest: Maliki to step down and hand over power to be able to protect the people

Vice chest: Maliki to step down and hand over power to be able to protect the people

Wednesday, August 28 / August 2013 13:10

Vice chest: Maliki to step down and hand over power{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary elections, the Iraqi government has handed over the reins of affairs to terrorism, describing them as “impotent,” and urged the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki, to step down and hand over power to those who are the most efficient of it in order to work on the protection of the people.

Said Alwan told {Euphrates News} Wednesday that “the government has become helpless, and handed hurry to terrorism, where it did not put her hand on the imbalance in the inside of the security services, has been unable to do anything about terrorism,” he said, adding that “al-Qaeda and terrorism are not Bagoia but the setups security has become weak, and this clear imbalance and negative index on the government. ”

He added that “the government is not able to protect its people, it must recognize baton to other blocs exist, in order to work on the defense of the people, Commander of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki, if he could not be judged the Iraqi people, Fleury is the most efficient of it and deliver judgment . ”

And saw scattered areas of the capital Baghdad, on Wednesday, a series of explosions, as it exploded {11} a car bomb, and two explosive devices and explosive belt, area {Kadhimiya holy, Alwa beautiful, and the people, and the torch, and Mahmudiyah, Sedea, and Sadr City, New Baghdad, Ataa, Baya, and the Diyala Bridge, and Tarmah} which resulted in the martyrdom of {72} citizen, and wounded {146} others.

The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, has said in a statement on “Rethinking security plans and activation of reward and punishment policy that limits the possible terrorist attacks.”

He said that “a solution to reduce the terrorist attacks can not be launched through a media statement, but must go to activate تحالفية Commission has previously approved and the necessity of activating the work and be wide between the Alliance and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.”

He stressed the need to go to “direct primary effect reconsider all the security plans and security men those who made it and activating the political reward and punishment and praise the role of the loyal forces and security nappy on the security men who served the system thus possible to reduce the terrorist attacks that gripped the country.”

He Alwan that the “supposed people that Esct about what is happening breaches lead to the shedding of his blood constantly,” criticizing “the performance of the security services,” asking, “What is the work of the security services, is to stand in the streets only? Um increasing resentment on the people in the event of violations by erected checkpoints and the closure of the streets. ”

He Alwan “We are so far we have not seen progress performance of the security services, albeit slightly, by eliminating the gangs of terror, drying its sources, فالاجهزة security began to descend toward the worst, and even when you throw the arrest of the terrorists is to issue pardons their right to be released.”

And ascended terrorism during this period of its quality and quantity, and took change of plans and tactics in the absence of plans and programs, professional and efficient and choose the right items for the leadership and management of the security file in the country, and thus lax security and lack of control, according to what he sees as some military experts .

The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations former in the country, Martin Kobler, had said earlier after a visit to the province of Najaf and meet the highest religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the religious authority expressed concern about what is happening more than ever in Iraq .

The religious authority in Najaf has called in many of his Friday sermons to the need to activate the intelligence effort and to provide information in order to detect the bombing before it happens and a pre-emptive strike against terrorism. Over 2 m