A military source: the strike against the Assad regime Thursday and will last 3 days

A military source: the strike against the Assad regime Thursday and will last 3 days

Published 28/08/2013 09:44 AM

American WarshipsBabinaoz / Agencies:
The channel “NBC News” American television, citing an unnamed U.S. government, that air strikes ستسددها Washington to the Syrian territory may begin from tomorrow Thursday, August 29 / August and will continue for three days.

For its part, news agency “Reuters” diplomatic sources that the Western powers have informed the Syrian opposition anticipating a strike of the system within a few days, in order to deter Damascus from any use of the weapon chemotherapy, a student from the opposition standby at the same time for the peace talks in Geneva.

For his part, Maj. Gen. Salim Idris, Chief of General Staff in the Free Syrian Army, the military did not officially a free date possible U.S. strikes of the Syrian regime, as it also does not know this plan strikes.

He called Idris, in an interview with Al Arabiya “,” the existence of coordination in order to avoid exposure and free army units may be close to the target sites.

He expressed the hope that these strikes in case waged painful and deterrent system, unlikely to be strikes against the Syrian regime is extensive and it will lead to dropping it.

In a related context, supported Australia, which will hold the presidency of the Security Council of the United Nations for the month of September / potential military action against Syria.

He said Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, that “if it is proved that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons, the world has authorization to respond even if the United Nations failed to agree to such a procedure.”