Maliki hopes to get blessed by U.S. for the third term

Jumaili: Maliki hopes to get blessed by U.S. for the third term

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 16:06

Maliki hopes to get blessed U.S. for the third termRevealed the Iraqi List MP unit Jumaili, Tuesday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sought during his planned visit to Washington to make what it called “blessed” the U.S. in order to run for a third term.
She Jumaili told / Baghdadi News / “The delegation of the Prime Minister who will go to Washington will be a high-level delegation will be discussed and activating the economic agreements and security between the two sides as advertised,” indicating that “the Prime Minister will be looking for hope in getting all the blessed U.S. for the third term. ”
She Jumaili: “that the United States is Maliki’s first leg in Iraq, who caught the stick from the middle, particularly as it is from the United States helped to an understanding with Iran.”
Jumaili explained, “there was no any concessions offered by al-Maliki to the United States that he gave all Maimlk in order to stay in power, and especially that Iraq is suffering from the risk of partition under the confusion of the Iraqi government in its domestic and foreign policies.” 21 g