Leaders in trying to prevent al-Maliki call from running for a third term

Leaders in trying to prevent al-Maliki call from running for a third term

Created on Saturday, August 24 / August 2013 12:34

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A leading figure prominently in the coalition of state law for “The meeting was held the middle of this month, with al-Maliki in the presence of the most prominent leaders of the elite of the Dawa Party and a coalition of state law. Has Dar talk seriously about the political future, in light of developments in the current political crisis,” in an attempt made by leaders in the coalition to prevent their leader Nuri al-Maliki, from running for a third term in the legislative elections scheduled in 2014.

The leader, who attended the meeting and who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject, that “Maliki was clear about his intentions to run for a third term in the upcoming legislative elections, which raised the ire of a number of members of the coalition,” noting that “the leaders of the party call entered into verbal altercations against the backdrop of conflicting positions of decision-Maliki. ”

He continued that “the leaders, including the minister and senior government advisers, told al-Maliki that his insistence on running for a third term embarrassed the coalition of state law, and could lead to the loss of popularity in the upcoming elections.” The transfer of the leading opponents of the owners within the coalition, “they presented him with a proposal provides for the nomination of a member of the Dawa Party for the position, which will help ease the political pressure faced by the party because of the insistence of Maliki.”

He pointed out that “al-Maliki heard at the meeting in cash harsh has never happened since assuming the presidency of the government in 2006.” And he was told that the Shiite parties will not tolerate a decision Trhg for a third term if the Iraqi street Sastal the fire of war harmless new if you’re at the head of the public 2014 “.

But al-Maliki, according to the leader of the coalition of the “rule of law”, he responded to his critics and opponents from within his coalition a stern warning, saying that he would be forced to enter the next legislative elections a list of individual, “adding that” al-Maliki was upset about the positions of leaders in his coalition. But it is unlikely that he will continue his project at the head of the government in the coming period. ”

He pointed out that “al-Maliki feels that in the case of a big challenge, and that he should succeed in this difficult political exam.”

It should be noted that the political blocs Sunni and Shiite owners oppose the renewal for a third term at the head of the federal government. The remarks come and conflicting attitudes on the third-Maliki and mandate from the various political interests, especially with the approach of the upcoming parliamentary elections. It is clear that Maliki’s decision to support or opposition does not come out for the competition in the atmosphere between the most prominent leaders of the blocks in the country.

Furthermore, it is difficult to determine the balance of Nuri al-Maliki popular and its ability to mobilize more support, especially with the deterioration of the security situation and the continuing sharp differences between him and the leaders of the Sunnis and Kurds as well as some Shiite leaders. has made ‚Äč‚Äčthese circumstances, a large number of observers Iraqis are talking about turning Maliki to No. loser in the political process. But nevertheless, there are those who believe that it is still keeps Bhzawza.