Iraqi Dinar Guru BS! 8-23-2013 (Updated 2:30 pm PST.)

Iraqi Dinar Guru BS! 8-23-2013  (Updated 2:30 pm PST.)

Iraqi Dinar Guru predictions... HELP!8-23-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony Anybody who thinks that (NASDAQ) didn’t have anything to do with the global reset is a complete idiot. It had everything to do with it. People in DC are highly upset this hasn’t happened yet. NASDAQ has never been down for 3 hours before. This was a bigger project than they ever imagined. It became a complex situation. US wants all problems fixed first, but rest of world saying it’s not realistic. I talked with someone who was told 3 days before it was going to happen, it was part of the plan and it did happen. That is what we needed to happen in order for CIX to work and integrate with all the others, it would have to be connected to that system. Last night they did 3 hours of testing on entire system. Supposedly all came out right but we’re still waiting.

Guru Critic, I guess I’m an idiot!!! NOT!!! Read the official statement, (bottom of post), it has NOTHING to do with any global reset! The Nasdaq is a securities market, not related to Forex or monetary issues!

8-23-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony [Are the call centers manned?] The rumor out there is they were called in at 5AM this morning. They already had a 3rd shift there so don’t understand that, why they came in and we still don’t see this. I don’t know. The VND will RV, it’s in the system & we have a rate for them already. I am not supposed to say but some people are getting SKRS for $3.68. Our country, US, wanted double digits higher than $14 for IQD for a reason, if we get a higher rate our country gets a higher rate too. The more dollars we have the more we fuel the economy. $14 was authorized months ago, then $18 now trying to get something in $20’s. No we are stretching to the breaking point, at least they say we are. There is a method to the madness it’s not about just being greedy.

Guru Critic, Double digits? .10 cents is “double digits!! Get real Tony and quit making this crap up! Do you all realize that if Iraq RV’ed at even $10 they would be in debt, or responsible for 300 TRILLION dollars?

8-23-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony [Does it appear the person in charge is willing now to pop this baby before we lose what we’ve been trying to get?] That’s what I was hearing last night and this morning there is a definite cut off date. At 7PM last night they felt it would go down, 11PM they were giving folks a 10-15 minute warning, but we’re here today. It’s an ego thing, but it’s ready. [How fast do you see this getting done. “A” by end of weekend, “B” by end of next week, “C” September?] I take “A”.

Guru Critic, wish full thinking, NOT going to happen! I can’t believe that people are actually asking this joker questions!!


August 22, 2013 19:29 | Source: The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.
NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

NASDAQ OMX issued the following updated statement:

Earlier this afternoon, NASDAQ OMX became aware that price quotes were not being disseminated by the Securities Information Processor (SIP), which consolidates and disseminates all prices for the industry.

There was a connectivity issue between an exchange participant and the SIP, which led to degradation in the ability of the SIP to disseminate consolidated quotes and trades. The cause of the issue has been identified and addressed.

Responding to the SIP issue, in order to protect the integrity of the markets, NASDAQ OMX issued a regulatory halt for all trading in NASDAQ-listed securities. In the first 30 minutes, technical issues with the SIP were resolved. For the remaining period of time, NASDAQ OMX, other exchanges, regulators and market participants coordinated with each other to ensure an orderly re-opening of trading in NASDAQ-listed securities. Trading resumed and the balance of the trading day finished in normal course.

NASDAQ OMX will work with other exchanges that are members of the SIP to investigate the issues of today, and we will support any necessary steps to enhance the platform.