Reference: politicians out of Iraq from Chapter VII

On: Saturday 04/14/2012 11:24

 Karbala / Amjad Ali
criticized the representative of religious authority in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net to keep the problems between the political parties without a solution, they returned them moving on the Iraqi people, calling at the same time working to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and the restoration of what he called Iraq’s money so as not to take advantage of by parties trying to influence and …exploitation of the funds. Strongly criticizing the decline in level of education in Iraq, which became the states do not recognize the certificate issued by the university, criticizing the lack of Margbat education, including the absence of school buildings. Safi said in his Friday sermon yesterday, “
The political parties to hold a national conference to be held in order to solve all the problems, “he said,” The difference is out of the question, but it has limits and there are things to all be taken into account, such as to have a reference, a constitution that can not be explained by non-specialists, and pointed out that the problems whenever remained unresolved affected the citizen, who is to pay the price, calling for a diagnosis of the controversial points and to find a solution that begins with planting the confidence between the parties, and called on the net on the other side of the speech to work on the launch of Iraqi funds seized because of the policies of the former regime that destroyed Iraq before in 2003, and pointed out that those laws signed the Iraqi people under Taúltha, which is repeated each year in attempts to protect Iraqi funds, and wished the officials to find a radical solution, that keep the money under the status of the hand in a serious condition if it is at the disposal of Iraq because there exploited and affect the Iraqi funds, because they are not in the hands of Iraq. “