U.S. officials acknowledge that the U.S. illegally spy

U.S. officials acknowledge that the U.S. illegally spy

17:39 08/22/2013

U.S. officials acknowledge that the U.S. illegally spyFollow-up – and babysit –
U.S. officials acknowledged that the U.S. National Security Agency violated the law, which defines a framework to monitor electronic communications between Americans between the years 2008 and 2011.

Intelligence officials told – who agreed to answer questions about the content of the documents – journalists that the local e-mail messages taken during the implementation of the program was designed to target a private e-mail messages to foreigners “suspected of involvement in terrorism.”

Recall that in 2011 State of the Judiciary in the form of Sri end of the program, which was considered illegal in view of the constitutional protection enjoyed by Americans.

The government classified this judicial decision issued by a judge in court charged with monitoring secret communications and approval of programs and the National Security Agency or reject as confidential.

The newspaper reported the Washington Post reported that the National Security Agency thus been able to intercept about 56 thousand electronic message to U.S. citizens.

It is noteworthy that details about the secret surveillance programs تسلطت the spotlight in recent months by former contractor with the National Security Agency Edward Snowden, after leaked confidential documents to the press and the media.

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