Member of economic committee of Iraq praised CBI for its recent actions

Member of economic committee of Iraq praised CBI for its recent actions


Central Bank of Iraq- Iraqi dinarMember of the Committee praised the economy and investment/MP Abdul Al-Abbas sheyaa, for the actions that have been taken by the new management of Central Bank of Iraq regarding the improvement of Dinar exchange rate and to stop the severe issues like money laundering. He pointed out that such decisions have restored the prestige of the bank, which was lost in recent times.

Sheyaa stated to a news agency, “the current management of the Central Bank was able to improve the value of the Iraqi dinar price wasabbh now (1210), this price is acceptable, having witnessed a significant decline against the US dollar during the past months through actions taken and applied in stages.”

He remarked that such decision has controlled the money laundering issues in Iraq which have been a great problem for Iraqi economy. He thinks that this action from central bank will rejuvenate the economy of the country and safe finance transfers will prevail.

He noted, “The new Administration also restored the prestige of the Central Bank and private banks and money transfer companies to fear, having lost prestige in recent times especially when you increase smuggling and money laundering, the current Central Bank Administration to exert maximum effort to continue its work in support of the stability of the national currency.”