Iraq: We do not need to hold a national meeting

Iraq: We do not need to hold a national meeting because of all the politicians meet among themselves and they have almost daily contact

Monday, August 19 / August 2013 16:20

Iraq: We do not need to hold a national meeting {Baghdad: Euphrates News} coalition in Iraq confirmed the absence of the need to convene a national meeting due to the presence of meetings and contacts among politicians almost daily, and therefore not New Coming at the national meeting.

The MP said the Iraqi Mohammed Karbouli told {Euphrates News} that “just out politicians is within the framework of exchange of courtesies, laughter and drinking tea, pointing out that he has been held more than a meeting of a national without significant results or applied on the ground.”

“The important thing is not the initiative launched in any part of it, but what follows it and lay the foundations for the functioning of the plan.”

There are more than an attempt to hold a national meeting brings together all the forces and blocs and politicians to the negotiating table and discuss all the problems and find solutions to them, including those initiated by President Jalal Talabani and remained outstanding to this day, as well as talk about the document honor all can Aoukauha to spare the country the scourge of politics The violence, which entails of what comes out of political statements tense تؤزم street.

He pointed out that “the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to review a lot of things about the security chiefs who of them is a fugitive today.”

He stressed the need not to punish the citizen against the backdrop of mistake committed by the security services. ”

He said the “army, police and so to protect citizens, but unfortunately the two on this case is failing and they have no plans but to change positions between regions without a radical change.”

The country and the security situation متازما against the backdrop of escalating terrorist attacks and organized crime in a clear decline in the performance of the security services, according to the views of experts, and they point out that the process of storming the Abu Ghraib prison last which caused بتازيم general situation in the country as a result of the escape of prisoners and terrorists and murderers and plans of al-Qaeda to destroy the political process that is fragile Basically, this process is based on what the experts confirmed is the largest and most dangerous is not at the level of the country but also the entire region. Ended 2