Sadoun: No one can predict the next government

Sadoun: No one can predict the next government

18/08/2013 10:52

Sadoun: No one can predict the next governmentSadoun said emphasizes the political forces thinking about creating sound ground for the next phase and can migrate existing problems to the next session

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance Muhsin al-Sadoun, Sunday, that no one can predict the government in the next phase, indicating that the House of Representatives did not end the law next legislative elections, but pointing out that the importance of focus on the deteriorating security situation and services that decides the position citizen of the elections.

Sadoun said for “obelisk” that “no one can predict the government in the next stage because the formation of majority government depends on the results of the elections and if the results are close, it is difficult to form a majority government,” reminding that “the last election, which took place after 2003, we used to go to the compatibility because the results are comparable between the winning blocs and no one waives his entitlement to block the other. ”

He added that “the House of Representatives did not begin until now the law of the upcoming legislative elections and the Council to work hard and effort to legislation at the earliest,” explaining that “a small percentage of citizens participated in the provincial elections for the elections and the situation will not be clear soon may get county because the people is not convinced the changes taking place arguing that the government can not control the security situation. ”

He stressed that “should the political forces thinking about finding a ground sound for the next stage and can not be deported problems currently exist to the next session,” and urged “the security solution fast because people in some areas They can not go to work and look the case where such a curfew.”

He continued, “We can not think of a good political status in light of the current security situation and deteriorating services and must provide appropriate solutions to citizens accept the idea of ​​the political majority.”

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