Iraq calls for the United States to build its forces

Iraq calls for the United States to build its forces and denies his relationship recruiting young people to fight in Syria

Posted, 21:49 08/16/2013

ZebariFollow-up – and babysit – Iraq called the United States to help in the fight against terrorism and to build its armed forces, denying his relationship or responsibility in the recruitment of armed militias to fight in Syria.
He said Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who is visiting Washington, is currently in a joint press conference with his U.S. counterpart, John Kerry today that “we need to support the United States in the field of security and the fight against terrorism and in building the Iraqi security forces to ward off the growing threat from the front of the victory and al-Qaeda in the Middle East.”

He added that “Iraq’s position independent and impartial investigation of the Syrian crisis and we must take further steps on Iraq bias of the crisis.”

Zebari noted that “there are armed militias encourage young and Ngrr them to volunteer to fight in Syria,” denying that “the Government shall be responsible for this recruiting it Aocserv”.

Zebari currently visiting Washington to participate in the meeting of the joint US-Iraqi committee