Washington covers up the financiers of terrorism in Iraq

Washington covers up the financiers of terrorism in Iraq


Washington covers up the financiers of terrorism in IraqPalm – it seems that the political differences started going at a dangerous juncture, especially after the charges against some of the political blocs in coordination with al-Qaeda to overthrow the government by breaking into the Green Zone and create chaos, amid accusations that Washington’s cover for the financiers of terrorism in Iraq.

The media, has announced abortive attempt to break into the Green Zone, last Thursday, was led by al Qaeda in coordination with a number of officials within the area.

The leaked security sources serious information reveal find the Baghdad Brigade during the process of proactive after receiving information about a plan to break into the Green Zone on 300 suit military resemblance to his uniform, weapons and launchers at the home of the President of the House of Representatives, former Iraqi List, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, as well as the arrest of a member of the protection of the Minister of Finance Rafie al-Issawi resigned in possession of fake badges to enter the Green Zone, saying that scheme is supported by some leaders of the major political bloc in the House of Representatives known reorientation opposition to the government in reference to the Iraqi List.

In the same context, MP accused Jawad Albzona, some of the protections of the leaders of the Iraqi List, who belongs to some hot areas, working to create all the conditions for the success of the scheme to break into the Green Zone, which terrorist groups sought to be implemented during the past few days, in a move to disrupt the security situation in the country.

And ruled Albzona in a media interview for storming the Green Zone as a result of Awakening and the strength of the security forces charged with protecting them indicating that the scheme was aimed at some of the areas adjacent to the Green Zone and other cities during the Eid days.

And the growing terrorist operations during the recent period, confirmed Albzona they fall within the planned regional targeting the political process in Iraq and try to repeat the experiment Syrian noting that the United States has been unable to determine the whereabouts of al-Qaeda in the country despite the penetration of these terrorist organizations, adding that Washington have sufficient information on the entities that finance this extremist organization.

Meanwhile, MP for the coalition called the Iraqi Free high Nassif, on Monday, the United States government to provide Iraq with information on the sources of funding for al-Qaeda, which allowed her to exercise its terrorist activities in Iraq as they want.

According to Nassif told him the Information Office of her coalition that al-Qaeda is moving freely in the residential areas in Baghdad and a number of provinces, targeting places where civilians such as markets, parks and streets, and all these terrorist operations, highly organized and funded to ايستهان him, excluded deficit devices U.S. intelligence knowledge of the sources of funding Qaeda.

Nassif considered Hide the United States of America reports that regard and Taatktmha the sources of funding for the organization Qaeda and Tfaragha on hundreds of Iraqis who fall day Bmfajkhat the terrorists unforgivable moral disaster and explicit involvement in the crime of the slaughter of the Iraqi people.

Nassif confirmed that the eradication of terrorism and extremism will not be achieved unless the elimination of sources of funding for terrorist groups, whether in Iraq or in the region.

The informed sources revealed last Thursday that security forces had foiled a plot to al-Qaeda to break into the Green Zone with the help helicopters coming from Syria and elements of the protection of certain officials in the region fortified uncertain control of the security forces on the resource and financial nom de guerre of organization of al Qaeda in the north of Baghdad, as pointed out that the two governments Russian and Jordanian provided assistance to Iraq in thwarting this scheme.