U.S. inspector to prosecute those responsible for the waste of $ 60 billion in Iraq

U.S. inspector confirms the continuation of his office to prosecute those responsible for the waste of $ 60 billion in Iraq

12/08/2013 06:08

U.S. inspector to prosecute those responsible for the waste of $ 60 billion in IraqBaghdad / File News: Detect the U.S. Inspector General for Iraq reconstruction, Stuart Bowen, Monday, save $ 1.6 billion loss, while assuring the continuation of his office to prosecute fraudsters and اصطيادهم being responsible for the waste of $ 60 billion in Iraq.

Bowen said, in a press statement pursued by the agency “View News”, that “there are crooks must اصطيادهم and we were able to do a lot in the latter half of the end of my mission to enforce the accountability we have been able to configure 390 audit and inspection and resulted save $ 1.6 billion for the taxpayer.”

He added that he “has spent the past nine years in the investigation Bagr and fraud related to the $ 60 billion in U.S. government contracts for Iraq since the 2003 invasion.”

He stressed that “there is a lot of wastage of money as I mentioned in my report (Learning from Iraq) and the presence of U.S. $ 8 billion has been wasted and this is the number that we kept it,” he said, adding “We have secure convictions for 90 cases, and we were able to recover $ 200 million by the end of the job going to have 100 condemnation and nearly 300 million cases of fraud. ”

He noted in his remarks published by the Dallas News, U.S., that “do anything in Iraq is hard work and I have at the moment one investigator there, a very busy and very capable of going out to a certain extent but most of our work in the investigation is going on here,” pointing to “Most of those involved returned to the United States and therefore has investigators all over the country.”

He continued that “a number of Iraqis told me that the United States its representatives did not consult with them about the projects and programs that have been implemented., Which made us fail to get what can reasonably expect to spend about $ 54 billion.”

Download Bowen, “U.S. State Department responsible for the reconstruction program, noting that the contracts were controlled by the Defense Ministry and this division was impractical and the creation of many of the conflicts that have been observed and heard.”

He said “this conflict caused wastage and back up through the interviews that I had with the Iraqis, where a number of them said that there is a conflict between the State and the defense as if they’re in a war.”

Referred to the Stuart Bowen, who finished library functions on the thirtieth of September next acting as the investigation about the money wasted in the reconstruction program Iraq adopted by Aladerarh of the U.S. after the fall of the former regime, and revealed many Alvesat files, which included the loss of billions of dollars.