A surprising email I received today and my response!! LOL!

A surprising email I received today and my response!! LOL!

To: Webmaster

From: Maritza

that they would be releasing the LD’s hoewver maintaining the 1170
rate.. Well that tells me that logic and simple math are not your
strong suits It’s very easy to tell us constantly was is not going to
happen in this investment.. We all could do that Guess what AC, it’s
not going to rv tomorrow Wow I’m right.. I must be an expert like you
. Pathetic.. Oh, considering you like to pooh pooh this investment and
considering the news coming out of Iraq about our investment today,
your predictable negative commentary is par for the course for you
today . You’re truly a class act Oh and your craigslist link out of
DC, wow considering you’ve got sow of the most intelligent
INTERNATIONAL minds working on the new LD’s, you honestly think your
readers will believe Iraq would advertise on Craigslist for crying out
loud !!! You’re gonna have to start looking at what your shoveling to
your readers!!! Give me a break too funny.. Thx for the laughs ..

My reply:

Hello Maritza,

I am not sure what you are referring to in your statement. First off, I do NOT write any of the articles posted on this site,  I translate them from Arabic to English and then post them for all to read and decide where we stand for themselves.  I post what the so called guru’s say everyday, not that I believe they have any “contacts” or “sources”, because I DON’T!!

Second, I do NOT believe for one minute that the Lower Denoms are being used,  nor do I believe that they have even been printed yet, but that is just my opinion based on a ton of research and a few people I know that travel to Iraq several times per month.

Third, I have NOT posted anything on Craigslist about Dinar. If you would be so kind as to send me a link to whatever it is your referring to I would appreciate it.

Furthermore, If you have been following this speculation, you would know that there are several ways that this could go. If they “delete” the 3 zero’s from the notes, then they must delete the 3 zero’s from the rate at the exact same time, otherwise the Dinar would worth absolutely nothing, however,  they (Iraq) would effectively reduce their Dinar in circulation from some 30 TRILLION to just 30 BILLION, (If you remove 3 zero’s from 30 trillion it is then 30 billion). When Saddam was in power there was about 25 BILLION Dinars in circulation and the rate was $3+. That sets it up to go back to that rate as stated in MANY articles that I have posted.

The CBI auction is SELLING DOLLARS…not Dinar, they are buying back the dinar and have been since about 2006, why do you suppose that is? Think about it, less for them to cover.

The other way the articles could be interpreted, is they are removing the 3 zero notes from circulation in anticipation of a 1 to 1 rv or a float. The more Dinar the CBI holds the less they have to cover and if they hold 50% and 50% is abroad, they would raise the value on the Dinar they hold as well as the rest, in that case it’s a wash. It costs the CBI NOTHING to rv.

Please get your facts straight before you start ripping into me for trying to educate everyone concerning the Dinar, and it’s all for FREE to everyone as well.

Better to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and prove it.

Take care, admin