The political process in Iraq threatened to collapse!

The political process in Iraq threatened to collapse!

Published in: 12:44 pm, August 11, 2013 Editor: Ipa1

Amer Abdul-Jabbar Ismail
and former Minister of Transport

I put this paper the task in front of the eyes of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the eyes of all the heads of political blocs absolutely necessary, especially that we are watching closely, and since 2003, and the political process lame between the parties in power have squandered the wealth of Iraq because of the quota system and partisan that produced corruption and waste of public money for the purpose of building the parties do not State-building

To follow up that compares the potential financial each party or each politician between 2003 and 2013, and then find an answer to the question puzzling “Why not re-infrastructure in Iraq, despite spending more than $ 500 billion since 2003,” and, unfortunately, most of politicians speak out against corruption in the media They and their parties media part of it,

Sometimes we see parties nominate personalities corrupt to take up executive positions where we see the motto is always, “I am first and then the party, then national and religious” that left nothing to the nation and religion, and at other times we see them nominated personalities fair devout, but ignorant administrative matters and did not have any experience, and these passes corruption Under the pens where not feel In both cases, the corruption has become rampant in all state institutions and became threatening its overwhelming chaos administrative structure

This failure also caused a deterioration of the security situation in addition to the poor performance in the services file, which matters worse is the political infighting sustained among all the political blocs to participate in the political process to become a political process lame verge of total collapse, and the most dangerous of it that terrorism began attend the reconstituted and activities gradually.

Accordingly, I call on the Iraqi politicians for urgent negotiating session with Iraq’s experts residing inside or outside the home for an urgent establishment of a roadmap to save the political process before it is too late, according to the following themes:

1. The establishment of the Advisory Council of the state and exclusive, which consists of 26 political and 25 experts associated with this board all the technical adviser to the state to sift through the position of adviser workers are not eligible for it, as well as to develop a mechanism to perform scientific advisers in the state specifications.

2. Structural division of the State Administration into two political positions and executive positions.
3. Parties shall nominate members to the provincial councils and the House of Representatives and can accept the positions of politicians minister on the grounds that it political positions and the first was awarded to the politicians from the people of expertise and competence.

4. Granting executive positions exclusively for experts and of the following positions: Deputy Minister and the Chancellor and the Governor and the Director-General and below.

5. Due to the deteriorating security situation are given the position of governor of the military commanders who holds the rank of corner onwards and was retired to be a cabin governor of his deputies and advisors from the people of experience and competence to freeze the work of provincial councils for four years, and authorizes the Governor all the powers of the Council and thus we believe we will be able to impose security and restore infrastructure to the provinces.

6. The establishment of the Council of decades of emergency, which authorizes the negotiation and contracting in contracts big and worth more than $ 100 million and will be chaired by the Prime Minister and the membership of Vice President for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Financial Audit Department and head of the parliamentary committee competent and general manager of Bank of Iraq trade in addition to the three members of the concerned ministry contract.

I ask the commander in chief of the armed forces, but also from all the political blocs to participate in the political process not to neglect this paper because they bear full responsibility before God and the nation and history before it’s too late … and lattes while مندم