Vice chest: the families of the victims to sue al-Maliki for his involvement smuggling prisoners.

Vice chest: the families of the victims to sue al-Maliki for his involvement smuggling prisoners.

Sunday, August 11 / August 2013 08:05

families of the victims to sue al-Maliki for his involvement [Baghdad – where]

MP for the Liberal parliamentary bloc, Hussein Al Mansouri, the families of the victims of armed operations and perpetrators of the escaped prisoners from Abu Ghraib prison, filed lawsuits against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for his involvement smuggling operation. He said.

The gunmen had attacked on July 21 of the past Abu Ghraib prison, in addition to the prison in Taji, using bombs and missiles and machine guns, and were able to smuggle hundreds of inmates Abu Ghraib prison, including a number of al Qaeda leaders who adopted the attack.

He said Mansouri told all of Iraq [where] “We call on the families of victims who were killed after bombings in Iraq, the establishment of lawsuits against al-Maliki, to take justice right, because Hola who kill their children, out-Maliki killers with ease from prison, and there of defending the rights of these families. ”

Promised Mansouri process escape of prisoners “smuggling and not escape,” he said, “We accuse al-Maliki directly process is involved first and last operation, there was a slowdown in the arrest of fugitives and control of the prison, and the evidence all indicate that there is a process to open the prisons, and prior agreements with al-Maliki by Al Qaeda prisoners escape, and these agreements are clear. ” As he put it.

And revealed the Ministry of Justice for books and communications official took place between departments and security agencies responsible for the management and protection of Baghdad Central Prison [Abu Ghraib previously] indicated where the information and details of the armed attack to al-Qaeda on the prison and an attempt to smuggle a number of prisoners, and that four days before the attack on the prison . ”

The commander-in-Almlesshh Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the [militia] of being behind the incident prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji, through the “complicity” in facilitating the smuggling of prisoners, noting that the “Mahdi Army” of the Sadrist movement stands behind the incident, and that the guards prisons collaborators with terrorists, belonging to the militia. ”

The Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari also accused the security forces responsible for guarding prisons Taji and Abu Ghraib “great complicity in the escape of prisoners incident”, blaming “the federal police and intelligence Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the security breach.”

The Baghdad Operations Command, announced that enable them to arrest of more than [352] prisoners on the run from Abu Ghraib prison, without offering proof of that, while denied the escape of prisoners during the attack on the prison in Taji, and showed that the number of bodies of those killed in the attack amounted to [105] prisoners and the attackers. 2 ended.