National Alliance: Maliki is ready to abandon Karbala for a third term!

National Alliance: Maliki is ready to abandon Karbala for a third term!

Created on Friday, 09 August / August 2013 11:07

National Alliance: Maliki is ready to abandon Karbala for a third term!BAGHDAD / Yousef Salman

A member of the National Alliance, said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki prepared to make huge concessions to the Kurdistan Alliance to ensure its survival for a third term new. He said that flirt with the Kurdish parties of rapprochement between Baghdad and Erbil will be free of charge.

The MP said Jawad al-Hasnawi said Maliki touting himself for a third term and would give the Kurds new concessions not offered previously to ensure that, and pointed out that the Prime Minister knows that he did not reach the office without the concessions made by the Kurds, and then returned and Disclaimer her quickly erupting crises with the region in the manner known to all Iraqis .

He Hasnawi that the Kurds want him to compromise and took the hint of a rapprochement between Arbil and Baghdad to pressure him, and commented sarcastically that the prime minister is ready to give Karbala and the Touirij (the birthplace of al-Maliki) to the Kurds, and perhaps even to approve the coverage of Article 140 to be attached to the Kurdistan region to realize his dream of a third term. The MP for the Liberal bloc said the remarks about a rapprochement with the Kurdish government is not unrequited paid a did not release haphazardly. He pointed out that the National Alliance did not know the secret in this rapprochement and mutual spinning between Baghdad and Erbil.

In turn, Deputy Muhammad Allkash, said that the threat of a third term for the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki did not come from a vacuum, and there are signs of preconditions for the payment of this scenario. The Allkash added that al-Maliki hopes a new mandate and his coalition pushing this, and pointed out that al-Maliki’s rapprochement with the Kurdistan Alliance and seek to dampen the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil to Aakhalo of mutual concessions to appease the parties at the expense of the national interest This Maervdah the National Alliance. In turn, warned MP Hussein al-Sharifi of the nomination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term, noting that this step will lead to more failures and failures at all levels of security, service and economic development. Sharifi said that “the nomination of the prime minister to third cycle means more failures and the failure all levels, فتدني of the level of services and the increase in unemployment and the deterioration of the security situation in all provinces in Iraq is a dangerous sign.”

The statements attributed to the Kurdistan Alliance Vice Ashwaq dry which she spoke about efforts to extend the mandate of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, 8 months. Dry said that there are some conversations in the corridors of Parliament looking to extend the mandate of the current government for eight months as delayed when it was formed and did not complement the legal limit.