MP: Coming days will witness a move towards activating the controversial laws

MP: Coming days will witness a move towards activating the controversial laws


MP for the mass citizen Hassan gave the coming days will witness moves toward activating the laws at issue.

The MP for the coalition of state law is useful Albulada has pointed to the presence of more than {14} legally disabled because of political differences unlikely to pass such laws in one basket and not to the agreement of the political blocs.

And political views agree that the differences between the parliamentary blocs in the parliament prevented the adoption of several laws and adversely affected the performance of the House of Representatives, including the laws of {oil and gas, the Federal Court, the Unified Retirement year}, and other laws.

Wahab said in a press statement on Wednesday that “these moves will be toward the controversial laws that remained for years without agreed upon, including the oil and gas law and the law of the Federal Court,” noting that “points of contention could be agreed upon.”

He said that “the overall political situation in the coming days will govern its proximity to the preparations for the elections and that there is some sort of unstable security situation in Baghdad and that he took most of the space of political action.”

He pointed out that there is a “bypass Alstor and laws from multiple views and this is unacceptable.”

He stressed that “the political blocs to know that there is a constitution and principles of political morality and commitment should not override it.”

And witnessing the country difficult situations in all spheres of life Noting that many of the files service is still neglected and the lack of a mechanism of action through which to raise the standard of living of citizens in addition to the substantial shortfall in services Katrda the reality of electricity and ration card items and water scarcity in most areas, in addition to the file security Almtdhoralammer which tasked the shoulders of the Iraqi citizen.