Maliki planned declaration of an interim government and dissolve parliament

Maliki planned declaration of an interim government and dissolve parliament


Revealed a senior political source, on Monday, the approach of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced his new plan intended to be applied in the next stage and include the formation of an interim government and dissolve parliament and the exclusion of his opponents in the political process.

source told »the future of Iraq» that «Maliki’s plan may continue 3 years ago, which is a temporary phase which holds the reins fully away from the consensus and national partnership, noting that it will filter and keep all his political opponents with the assistance of military forces that are currently dominated by.

The source pointed to the existence of significant concerns have made ​​some of the leaders list «united» led by Osama Najafi, particularly those who communicate continuously with Turkey and Qatar since the announcement of closure of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

source added that «they are afraid of go-Maliki to an interim government resolved in the light of Parliament and lays Minister declares emergency system and excludes conservatives and arranged for files parliamentary elections nearly two years after the start of the zero hour », pointing out that« these concerns may be justified as a result of what is happening now especially in light of an agreement between Maliki and the Kurdistan region on the order of the leaves as this direction and support of the Kurds his third term or elections late rather than early », to say the source.

referred to as the National Alliance MP Furat al-Shara said that the repercussions of the last scene in the security require prompt treatment by the security services without interruption for the purpose of drying up the sources of terrorism in the country, adding that «we are with declaration of a state of emergency against terrorism for the public service ». Shara explained that «the coalition sees the need for government agencies to diagnose Shortened all security personnel in the performance of their work, and encourage competencies of them, especially after the rapid changes that occur in the security situation in the country».