The world’s largest technology companies prefer to Iraqi markets

The world’s largest technology companies prefer to Iraqi markets


Baghdad morning began major international companies put Iraq at the forefront of the most important in the world because of the high demand for advanced technology, especially in the telecommunications sector. was chosen Iraq by LG Electronics of states strategy, which will be launched by the latest at the same time in the world to market Iraq is of great significance for (LG) and announced that her pioneering expected to carry the name «G2» for launches by its «G», the brand’s most exclusive chosen to be the slogan for their phones special and distinctive, which would fall under its umbrella all phones elites smart «LG» . This will retain phones chains previous «LG» symbols and markings that campaign has launched without making any change them.

Commenting on the matter, said Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO and President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications that seeing his company focused on making Brand «G» synonymous with excellence and the title of the user experience rich and unmatched in the field of telecommunications, which will seek to strengthen and upgrade them, stressing his confidence that the phone «LG» new, «G2», will achieve great success added to a series of successes the company to benefit from a reputable firm achieved by series «G» previous., and on the other hand, the phones ‘LG’ Smart extraordinary display 4:3 system will be developed to be re-launched under the name of «Vu».

This all depends devices «LG Electronics» smart enjoyed in innovation and design on a second-generation core technologies and easy to use experience in which the company is known, is reflected in every aspect of the chain owned by the company experiences.