Bank “Krupp City” has a desire to invest in Iraq and entry will support the national economy

Parliamentary economy: Bank “Krupp City” has a desire to invest in Iraq and entry will support the national economy

06-08-2013 05:50 AM

Baghdad (news) .. Affirmed the decision of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Mahma Khalil, the Bank of City Krupp world has the desire Cdah to enter the market to invest in Iraq, noting that the opening of a branch will support local banks and Winnie investment in the country. Khelil said (of the Agency news) : The Bank ‘City Krupp’ is one of the international banks that have a long history of investment and contributed significantly the growth of the economies of being composed of a coalition of banks and has a capital of a large exceeds the risks that may be encountered in the investment process. said: that there is a strong desire by the Bank of City Krupp to enter the investment in Iraq, where he began preliminary steps through the opening of a branch to perform banking transactions simple, and in the near future will expand its investments to include various economic sectors in the country. pointed to: that the entry into Iraq will contribute to the support of local banks that lack the most basic techniques banking by encouraging them to use technological global banking, as well as support and development of the national economy and boost investment forward. This has been described Citibank Global, which opened the end of the month of June Moktaba him in Baghdad, that Iraq is aimed at the largest in banking activities in the future. said مايانك Malik, Director of Citibank in Jordan and Iraq, said the bank will initially serve existing customers, who are working within the energy companies operating in the fields of oil-rich, but he also, but in the long term, the bank’s multinational will seek to move into the commercial banking business and services, Although no timetable has been put in place so far. / End