Political sources: corruption Auction Central funded “Al Qaeda”

Political sources: corruption Auction Central funded “Al Qaeda”

16:01 08/05/2013

Political sources: corruption Auction Central funded Follow-up – and babysit – said senior political sources that the elimination of terrorism in the country and drying its sources has become very difficult, especially since the Al-Qaeda receives support and funding from the figures a window through funds realized from smuggling and corruption. Sources said that “drying up the sources of terrorism and the elimination of Al-Qaeda and its sources of funding is extremely difficult and sources indicated that a third of the money earned illegally, either through oil smuggling with the participation of the heads of large government and sheikhs tribal and religious leaders, or profits currency auction of government and imports of border crossings, go to support terrorist groups.
The sources pointed out that exacerbated the problem also controlled by financiers of terrorism indirectly largest commercial markets, especially as it leads scheme fires repeated these markets and use it as leverage against traders bankrupt to dominate them and force them to join the network of dealers manages Think Jewish commercial and genius economical.

The sources pointed out that “the survival of terrorism in Iraq means the continuation of the economic benefits giant corrupt politicians and their representatives and the survival benefits of the cadres of political minimum, which operates indirectly the interests of capital rotten as well as the survival benefits of parasites Iraqi live on السحت, money and man’s land” in the words of the sources.

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