The parliamentary economic: Central Bank of the financially and administratively independent and can not be its association with the Council of Ministers

On: Friday 4/13/2012 9:36

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Economic Commission parliamentary MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Abbas, broadly, that the Iraqi constitution granting the central bank full independence and no right to one of intervention in its affairs 
, noting that the Constitution gives the right of coordination between the government and the central bank, not government control complete it. 
said Xiaa ( Agency news): The Central Bank is an independent body financially and administratively nor can any other party to put under its control as stipulated by the Central Bank Law No. (66) for… the year (2004), while Article (24) of Law No. (56) for the year ( 2004) authorized the central bank and government coordination in the monetary policy among themselves, and also granted the Cabinet the right to call the Governor of the Central Bank or any member of the Bank for the purpose of discussion in matters of monetary policy of the country provided it does not interfere with the federal government the contents of the work of the Central. 
He added: If the opinion of Government coordination with the Central Bank to consult on the conditions of monetary policy in the country this matter well and calls him the Iraqi constitution, but if the view dependency and to impose full control of it, this is rejected by everyone because it is inconsistent with the Constitution of Iraq. 
This has called for the prime minister attachment to the central bank under his control walk through fiscal and monetary its affairs in the country. / Finished / 8. n. r /