An invitation to create a supportive legislation for economic development

An invitation to create a supportive legislation for economic development


BAGHDAD – Hussein ثغب Tamimi called Chairman National Business Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, activating the system of laws that encourage economic development in all sectors of production and service.

and Baghdadi said in an interview (morning): The reality of the Iraqi economy is now better than before after being granted freedom in dealing International and became a source of confidence to the world, surpassing the provisions of Chapter VII, which was hindering development in all sectors due to determined to enter the international companies in accordance with the provisions.

pointed to the importance of starting to activate the law, which allows re-rating companies and contractors to create a business segment of Rezin, as well as laws that undermine the spread of financial and administrative corruption and negative effects in the joints of the economy.

Baghdadi stressed that government policies have become more serious in supporting the local private sector, which imposes the need to employ this support to companies sober has the expertise and financial efficiency of the truth and eradicate fake companies that have left the reputation of black from the private sector that have emerged in the time of an emergency.

noted that an international organization working to adopt laws guillotine system that works on reducing its laws and trimmed to suit the next phase, which requires local and international investments on a large scale.