Maliki’s coalition: Obama contributed to an increase in violence in Iraq will not allow external intervention

Maliki’s coalition: Obama contributed to an increase in violence in Iraq will not allow external intervention after the restoration of

Posted 29/07/2013 02:03 PM

Obama contributed to an increase in violence in IraqBabinaoz / Agencies:
Download a coalition of state law, on Monday, the United States responsible for “high levels of violence in Iraq,” because the U.S. president’s recent decision to arm the Syrian opposition, as he emphasized that Iraq can not be allowed any outside interference after it regained its sovereignty, accusing the United States not to exercise pressure on its allies Turkey and Qatar and Saudi Arabia, “sponsors of terrorism.”

The leader of the coalition of state law and Walid al-Hilli that “America has a very important hand in the issue of rising violence in Iraq, and after the approval of Obama arming the Syrian opposition.”

The ornaments, that “the most important problems that نعانيها in Iraq is arming the Syrian opposition, which quoted weapons to Iraq, after the green light issued from the United States for some companies to arm the Syrian opposition,” explaining that “those weapons will be used in Iraq against the Iraqi people and state institutions. ”

And the ornaments, that “the United States during its presence in Iraq have arrested large numbers of approximately 60 thousand of Iraqis, and these America know that most of them base and terrorists, but released them,” pointing out that “these detainees are leaders Front victory in Syria, the so-called state Islamic Iraq, and they are also the leaders of the terrorist acts that kill Iraqis every day. ”

And ornaments continued that “the United States does not exert pressure on its ally Turkey and Arab states such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which is supporting terrorism in Iraq, and not only from governments, but through charitable organizations is funding terrorism in Iraq.”

He ornaments that “violence in Iraq is not an internal issue, but also there are international intervention and regional to find a sectarian strife in order to influence the political situation, and can not allow the government of any foreign intervention again, having regained Iraq’s sovereignty, though it welcomes any information can help Iraq to stop terrorism.

The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, confirmed on Sunday (the seventh of July 2013), that there is a difference between the KRG and the Baghdad government on the Syrian crisis, and expressed his rejection of the domination of power “terrorist” and control of the common border between Iraq and Syria, with Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki expressed “serious concern” of turning Iraq into a hotbed powers to carry out attacks “terrorist” extremist in Syria after arming.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki played down, in (June 23, 2013), of the importance of international, Islamic and Arab efforts to resolve the Syrian issue, and stressed that there is no way for it only in the framework of the Syrian National, while admitted that he can not predict what will happen in Syria in the future, He stressed that Iraq is still neutral and did not allow any armed or weapons to go to Syria, but outside the framework of the state. ”

The head of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said in a June 30, 2013, that “the Syrian problems and crises resolved through democracy,” adding that the Kurdish people in Syria are struggling for democracy. Prior to the owners confirmed during a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem in the 26 of May, 2013, in support of Iraq any effort a regional or international resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully, and welcomed the decision of the Syrian government judge to participate in the Geneva conference, as expressed Iraq’s readiness to do whatever it would “ease the suffering of the Syrian people. ”

The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem announced on May 26, 2013 during his visit to Iraq, the Syrian government has decided to exempt tourists Iraqis fee visa (visa), as of early June, and accused the countries of regional support “terrorism” in Iraq with “conspiracy” Syria, as he emphasized that the international conference in Geneva is a “favorable solution” to the crisis in Syria, noting that what is happening in Syria is a conspiracy of the regional countries, the same that support terrorism in Iraq. ”

And met the government’s decision Syrian exemption Iraqis visas doubts by the Iraqi authorities opposition to the governments of Iraq and Syria, as they considered that the decision to facilitate the movement of Iraqi fighters to Syria to defend the pillars of the system, They pointed out that the operations of the funeral day of the bodies of Iraqis killed in Syria in the areas of central and southern Iraq and the presence of Rska political and security is only evidence of the involvement of the Iraqi government with the support system also draws U.S. criticism and accusations public for Iraq to allow arms shipments to cross into Syria through its airspace, especially from Iran, but Iraq denies announced on more than one occasion that he was subjected aircraft wires to the inspection has not been found weapons. The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority announced that, in (2 June 2013), expanded inspection procedures Iranian planes passing through Iraq to Syria to include civil aircraft, and confirmed it yet inspected 20 aircraft did not find where things are prohibited.

As Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, (29 March 2013), that Iraq will continue to inspect the planes and trucks that cross Iraqi airspace and land to prevent “the flow of weapons” to Syria, whether the Syrian regime or the opposition. The announcement comes Maliki’s office on inspections of aircraft and trucks heading to Syria after severe criticism addressed to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to the Iraqi government on tolerance to allow the airline to transfer of Iranian weapons to the Assad regime.

Criticized U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at a press conference building, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on the sidelines of his visit to Iraq in the (24 March 2013), the Iraqi government confirming that it is tolerated with arms transfers to Syria, noting that administration officials are following closely crossings Aviation Iran via Iraqi airspace to help the Syrian regime to stay, and among those wondering “how our allies in Iraq and allow to happen,” calling in this regard, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to assist in the departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from office and not keep it. Referred to as the Damascus regime presented and exposed to package a variety of sanctions, Arab and international levels, as pressure is mounting on Assad to step down from his post and went to the extent the approval of the United States to arm the Syrian opposition to a limited extent, but the protection of political and diplomatic offered him Russia and China, which for Jatta to use the right of veto three times so far, against any resolution condemning the violent practices of the Syrian regime led to a worsening of the conflict and threatens regional involvement of neighboring countries, which especially after Hezbollah’s involvement in public in Syria.

Experiencing Syria, since (15 March 2011), the protest movement wide popularity began to raise demands for reform, democracy and ended claim fall of the regime after they were violently bloody unprecedented by Syrian security forces and what is known as “Shabiha”, resulting in even today fall more than 100 people dead, tens of thousands of detainees, as well as more than a million and a half million refugees and displaced people.