Sadr embarrass the leaders of the National Union Party may be forced to declare the death of Talabani

Sadr embarrass the leaders of the National Union Party may be forced to declare the death of Talabani

Posted, July 28 / July 2013

National Union Party may be forced to declare the death of TalabaniBaghdad / Orr News

The dawn of the leader of the Sadrist movement bomb caliber calling form a delegation to visit President Talabani in Refinery German, and stand on his state of health, in what was seen by analysts and political observers, call by Muqtada al-Sadr, political stroke recorded for the benefit of the chest, causing a major embarrassment to the leadership of the party Talabani, that strike cordoned off the wraps on his health, despite the fact that media leaks all point to the death of a clinically Talabani months ago.

The newspaper quoted (Middle East) London, a source close to the Kurdish party, Jalal Talabani, that this invitation ستحرج the leaders of the Patriotic Union of severe embarrassment, and would re-issue of the vacancy of the political Talabani to the fore again.

The source described the Kurdish Sadr’s call b (Smart) and considered a successful step of the Shiite leader of the Kurds, especially for the leadership of the National Union which has failed so far to nominate one of its members to fill the empty office in Baghdad. The source pointed out Kurdish that feelings of envy, jealousy and personal differences are still turning yet on the progress candidate for the position, although Dr. Barham Salih, according to the source, is the most qualified and eligible to occupy this position, but it collides unfortunately feelings of envy of his fellow leaders who have left the job empty without any right, and we must not forget that this is a very important position of the Kurds may not be the leaders of the National Union to overdo it prevail self-interest on the best interests of the people.

The source added there are many doubts hovering over the health of Talabani, the doctor your Dr. Necmettin Karim says repeatedly that he spoke by telephone to President Talabani, if Talabani really able to speak and communication, why have forgotten the whole of Iraq and forgot office did not respect even for one minute in any Iraqi official?. The source revealed Kurdish attempt made by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi earlier to Talabani’s visit بمستشفاه German, but the authorities at the hospital prevented him from his vision, and when he asked the meeting even one of the doctors supervising the treatment was denied as well, and this is proof added that there are doubts real about Talabani’s health, and whether originally woke up from coma state since the income that beat him stroke by more than six months.

Kurdish leader concluded his statement by saying that there are people close to Talabani have an interest or special purposes to hide the fact that the health conditions of the people, and especially for members of his party and his people, otherwise there is no meaning to this extreme reticence on the health of President of the Republic of Iraq.

Talabani’s wife Ms. Herawa Ibrahim Ahmed returned to the city of Sulaymaniyah abruptly with the entry into force of rumors in the Kurdish community in the city for the death of Talabani. According to sources close to the Kurdish Patriotic Union then that information is traded within the party indicate that the return of Ms. Hero, comes within the framework of the preparations for the organization of the funeral of the president and the internal house in order for the party.

A lot of fear Kurdish officials and leaders of the repercussions of the death of Talabani, especially on the party who has headed since 1975 (PUK), where three of its leaders are competing to succeed Talabani in the presidency.

The list of contenders president’s wife, Mrs. Hero Khan, the daughter of a prominent Kurdish politician of the late Ibrahim Ahmed, who served for years by the Secretariat of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Rasool leader of the old (National Union), Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary General of the Union Party.