Washington: Iraq prepares to purchase weapons two billion dollars including 12 helicopters and 50 armored

Washington: Iraq prepares to purchase weapons two billion dollars including 12 helicopters and 50 armored specialized

Published 27/07/2013 08:27 AM

Washington: Iraq prepares to purchase weapons two billion dollarsWASHINGTON (AFP) –
The Ministry of Defense U.S. Congress draft sell Iraq 12 helicopters and 50 specialized armored against the dangers of chemical and contract maintenance is important, noting that the total value of the project amounting to two billion dollars.

And in front of Congress, who told the deal Thursday a 30-day deadline to raise possible objections, but concluded three decades.
The first contract includes supplying Baghdad 12 transport helicopter Bell 412 no. Me. Spare parts and training. These helicopters are derived from the famous transport helicopters used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War.

The agency said the defense and security cooperation responsible for selling weapons abroad, in a statement, said the equipment “will provide for the Iraqi Air Force basic ability to search and rescue to develop.”

The project includes a second contract, worth $ 900 million to sell Iraq 50 armored reconnaissance mechanism of the type equipped for war Stryker nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical.

This equipment will allow to increase the means “to identify the items of chemical and bacteriological, radiological and nuclear” when the Iraqi army, the agency also said defense and security cooperation.

The third project is a contract worth $ 750 million deals with maintenance of vehicles for a period of five years.
agency said that “to help Iraq that effectively protects and uses equipment purchased by or received from the United States in the past decade constitute a priority for the United States.”

Like what to do with all the Report to the draft deal, the agency confirmed that these contracts “does not change the military balance in the region.”

In December 2011, the United States agreed to sell Baghdad 36 F-16 fighter in a contract worth billions of dollars.

In October 2012, he asked Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of the United States, whose troops left Iraq in late 2011, speed up delivery of weapons to Iraqi forces.

Baghdad has signed just arms contracts with Moscow more than $ 4.2 billion and then canceled due to doubts obtaining corruption.