Economists USD to fall in Iraq; Hope for $3.30 exchange as it was, although difficult to achieve

Economists USD to fall in Iraq; Hope for $3.30 exchange as it was, although difficult to achieve



Expected number of experts, finance and economy collapse of the dollar is not at the global level because he is still master of the currencies in most countries of the world but at the level of the exchange rate in Iraqi dinars, we hope for the return of Iraqi dinar exchange rate against 3.3 dollars as it was, but this dream difficult to achieve and fetched it is can be achieved in the light of the global variables but can be achieved to get equal to the price of any one dollar against the dinar .

There are expectations for the possibility of the return of the power of the Iraqi dinar offer hope to achieve this dream, but what can we explain the exchange rate so in the country of its wealth earth-shattering, these expectations were built on perceptions of experts that Iraq would emerge and salvation from the provisions of Chapter VII but ستؤول to achieve reform and economic stability and to achieve the goals, all in forefront of the return of Iraqi dinar to the real strength of this vision and perceptions must be accompanied by better performance of denial and efficient administrations .

It is said that the stability of exchange rates one of the most important means of achieving economic stability, the central bank and banks the responsibility for achieving the goal of price stability and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses fact in front of our national currency.