CBI: A new plan to withdraw and replace damaged currency

CBI: A new plan to withdraw and replace damaged currency



Grumbled a large number of citizens across the country from the growing phenomenon of damage and rupture of small groups of paper currency, with the central bank announced a plan for the withdrawal of banknotes damaged and replaced with new ones.

Observers said: “The problem of damage and rupture of the categories of banknotes 250, 500, 1,000 dinars worsened significantly within the past few months and that most of the current banknotes of these categories damaged and torn, which can cause sometimes often Baharajat and problems.”

And said the deputy governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Zuhair Ali Akbar: “The government banks in the provinces did not stop the withdrawal of currency damaged from circulation, however, put an ambitious plan to print the categories of alternative techniques of high quality,” adding that “the categories that will replace the damaged printed on paper better than the paper used in the printing of banknotes to neighboring countries. “

The banknotes circulating in Iraq printed in the United Kingdom by a British company, is gaining all denominations leafy current specification much better than the specifications of those that were in circulation until 2004, it was printed during the nineties in China and Iraq on paper lousy and specifications easy to counterfeit.