Parliamentary economy: There are no real investment project in Iraq

Parliamentary economy: There are no real investment project in Iraq

Friday, July 19, 2013 09:38

There are no real investment project in Iraq[Baghdad where]

Rapporteur of the Commission saw the economy and parliamentary investment Mahma Khalil said “there is no investment project on the ground in Iraq, and still invest in Iraq, ranging in place.”

It is said that the movement of weak investment in Iraq does not suit the needs of the country of service and other projects.

Khalil said told all of Iraq [where] that “there is investment in the country despite the attention to this aspect and the development of several programs to create a suitable environment for investment, but so far there is no investment project real on the ground in the state, except for the Kurdistan region, which is more stable regions of the world and in the movement of investment success. ”

He added that “investment in Iraq, ranging in place and needs to support and raise obstacles from all sides, including the legislative, executive and political and security climate and amend the banking system.”

According to economists, Iraq is a great need to provide security as the main gate to enter the investment companies as well as providing guarantees for companies entering the country, and is considered to provide security element is encouraging investment companies to come to Iraq and the establishment of projects that would contribute to running the manpower and others. 17 finished.