The government remiss in not the government’s implementation of article {140}

Deputy for Kurdistan: the government remiss in not the government’s implementation of article {140}

Tuesday, 16 July / July 2013 08:21

the government remiss in not the government's implementation of article {140}{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Kurdish lawmaker stressed the need for the government’s implementation of article {140} of the Iraqi Constitution, noting that abstaining from that makes them deficient in the implementation of its responsibilities.

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohammad Qasim told {Euphrates News} on Tuesday that “the implementation of this constitutional article will accelerate the process of resolving the problems of the political process.”

He denied that “there is eliminate Lhz art. after a period of time,” noting that “the respectable legal centers say that the constitutional article works as long as the Constitution remains in force”.

Mohammed attributed the “failure to find a solution to the problem of Kirkuk and other disputed areas as a result of attempts by some people who were beneficiaries of the former regime still working not to find solutions for the purpose of continuing their interests and privileges.”

The Article 140 Committee formed to oversee the normalization of the situation in Kirkuk and other disputed territories and pay compensation to the evacuees and expatriates.

He added that “Barzani’s visit to Baghdad and meeting with government leaders and politicians in the center and for the purpose of activating the joint committees and activating the work.”

He expressed his belief that he “will not work with recent agreements ahead of the Eid al-Fitr because everyone is preoccupied with several issues in addition to providing reports and so on.”

A delegation from the Kurdistan headed by the provincial government Barzani arrived in Baghdad on 29 of the month of April and met with a delegation of the National Alliance and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi to discuss the outstanding issues and an end to the problems between the center and the region was also signed an agreement with the government includes solutions to problems outstanding.

And ensure that the recent agreement between the Governments of the center and the Kurdistan region of seven points, including the amendment of the law of the financial budget of the Federal Assembly for the current year 2013, resolving oil and gas law, the resolution of the issue of the leadership of the Tigris and the island, and redrawing the administrative boundaries of the regions of Kurdistan outside the region, offset with Anfal victims of chemical attacks, joint management to the issue of visas and airports by the governments of the center and the region.

Mohammed stressed that “all parties is serious in implementing the agreement because it would allow all to enter into the details of the reasons for the problems that got and work to solve it.” Ended 2