Politicians: Washington distancing itself from the interference of politicians to impose its will on Iraq

12/04/2012 10:01

Baghdad, April 12 (Rn) – the entire Iraqi politicians on Thursday, that the United States aware of the seriousness of the situation of political crisis in Iraq, and announced by President Barack Obama in his meeting with President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani evidence to avoid alignment with one party against political party. was Barzani met last week in Washington with… U.S. President Barack Obama, as part of an international tour, and announced the latest support “for change in Iraq based on the mechanisms of democracy.” Observers believe that the position of Obama came on the back put Barzani, the problems of the region with al-Maliki and dangerous to stay as prime minister on the reality of political action. said teaching in the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Baghdad Hamid Fadel told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) “I think that Obama’s position that the change in Iraq should be through the mechanisms of democracy means that the U.S. wants to keep itself away from the pursuit of the Kurds to Astmaltha in its conflict with al-Maliki. ” He said, “Obama’s talk indicates that the mechanisms of democracy are the same that brought Maliki as prime minister, and therefore this is yet another evidence that the United States and its allies support the change through elections only.” said Fadel, “The United States, I believe, is still committed and strongly Maliki’s government and people-Maliki, which wants to maintain its relations with the Kurds at the same time. ” and the teaching of political science at Baghdad University that “Washington needs al-Maliki in projects and issues in the Middle East Kalqdah Iran and Syria, while the Kurds have no significant impact on regional policy , so I think that Obama is not ready to sacrifice Maliki for the Kurds. ” and worsened recently the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil on the back of harsh criticism from the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who told him that he is moving to Iraq to “the unknown”.Others see the position of United States of America has become clear from the Iraqi issue after I realized that running the country can not only be done through political consensus. said the writer and Kurdish politician Hussein dry (Rn) that “the statement made ​​by Barzani after his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama and saying that Obama’s heartened my chest and Afarahna is proof that Washington is beginning to realize the seriousness of the situation, internal political in Iraq. ” The Dry “There are elections American future, and on President Obama to be his positions clear about the Iraqi political scene, especially after the political crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.” and dry that “the Washington stood on the objective facts and field, which proved that the absence of consensus and harmony, the problems remain and can not find a solution, and that Iraq can not be judged by the color of one. “The roots of the political crisis in Iraq to stage the last election, which spawned the current government headed by Nuri al-Maliki, according to the Convention on Arbil. Politicians say the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi List, said many of the terms of the Erbil disrupted al-Maliki after he took office. According to another political that Washington changed its policy of supporting the party’s one in Iraq, according to data from local and regional. A former academic and political Hashem Haboubi (Rn) that “the Washington and the positions of Obama in the political context and rationale are with the unity of Iraq, it also distanced itself from interfering in Iraqi affairs, but put lines does not want political parties to overcome, and the statement of Obama’s diplomatic than it is political. ” said Haboubi “The United States had an important position after the elections years (supporting al-Maliki) but changed its position, according to data from local and other regional, “noting that” some political parties of Interior seeking viscous United States in internal conflicts and Klnha aware of the view that the political process in Iraq based on contradictions and problems everyone are right at the same time all are guilty, The parties the three main political bear the combined successes and failures of the government. ” He says. and to seek political differences with President Jalal Talabani to press toward the activation of his initiative to convene the National Congress as soon as possible.Talabani’s efforts collide and the positions of the political blocs, notably the Iraqi List, which placed five conditions of the Chief of the due application before attending the National Conference.From: Haidar Ibrahim, RN and fulfillment Zangana