Iraq’s ambassador to Washington: We want to activate the strategic framework agreement and build a long stretch partnership with the Americans

Iraq’s ambassador to Washington: We want to activate the strategic framework agreement and build a long stretch partnership with the Americans


He said Iraq’s new ambassador to the United States that Iraq is keen on activating the strategic framework agreement with the United States and expanding partnership with them especially after removing Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions.

He said Luqman Philly in an article the newspaper Wall Street Journal that “the Security Council at the United Nations voted unanimously last week to lift the sanctions international financial and trade on Iraq in force since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in the nineties. And out of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Charter The substantial progress achieved with Kuwait is a major achievement, and one celebrated by the developments we recently Iraqis. “ Said Willi said, however, “may believe most Americans that Iraqis are fed up with the United States, but the truth is that the Iraqis appreciate what you did the United States and are looking for more U.S. involvement is not a sacrifice more blood and money, but more of a partnership diplomatic, political, trade, investment and economic . “

And Ray Iraq’s ambassador to Washington, said “the next step clear for the United States and Iraq is full implementation of the Framework Agreement strategy, which took place before the withdrawal of U.S. forces in the year 2011, which sets the overall political and economic relations, cultural and security between our two countries. Should Americans to look to this agreement is not As a card out of Iraq, but it is based on a long stretch partnership with the people and Government of Iraq. “

He Philly that “at the time of profound changes in the Middle East, the implementation of the terms of this agreement so far is slow paced and uneven. While continuing security coordination through the programs of military sales and financing, but the speed of deliveries sales promising, and the sharing of intelligence information about better, and increase the scope of assistance in the field of counter-terrorism and training matters essential for Iraq in the fight against terrorism and the obvious interest of national security in the implementation of the United States this Convention Inigi the only links to regional issues, such as the conflict in Syria. “

The Philly “While we look forward to full implementation of the Framework Agreement strategy, the legacy of ten years something must be built upon. After decades of dictatorship, three wars catastrophic, and international isolation and economic sanctions, and Ttaghir more than a million Iraqis and killed more than tens of thousands of Iraqis, began Iraq’s ethnically pluralistic democracy-building and party respects the rule of law. “

He Philly said, “This is not easy., But Iraqis are making progress toward building a democratic system. All political parties accepted the election as a way to share power and bring about change peacefully., But the current violence in Iraq, the horror of it, caused primarily basically terrorism, not a civil war . As confirmed local elections that took place recently, Iraqis forge a culture of democracy and this is something he did not do a lot of our neighbors so far. “

Philly says that “Iraq snapped his place as a partner, not as protected, the Americans could help him to provide political and diplomatic assistance and security, as well as technical knowledge and investment capital.”

And continues to Philly article, saying that “on the political front, the United States could be useful as an honest broker between the Iraqi factions that you learn to work with each other., As seen to the Americans as partners mature proved their commitment to Iraq, and does not understand their involvement as a threat to our sovereignty or our national interest . “

But in terms of the front diplomacy, as seen ambassador to the new Iraq to the United States, the “Iraq joined the international community بخروجه of Chapter VII, has completed an important work with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Arab League. And Pttalaah forward, Iraq is the United States they can be cooperate to solve the challenges of a wider regional. “

He said the ambassador, “the lapse Iraq now proceed towards a market economy conducive to foreign investment, can Americans should provide what it needs our country: Experience in the field of energy technologies, engineering, design, construction, construction and financial services., Iraq presents an opportunity large investment in the development of communications technology and services, and health care, education, water treatment, bridges, highways, and this is the tip of the iceberg. “

The Philly that “In the meantime, increased oil production by 50% since 2005, and expects to achieve our economy growing at least by 9.4% per annum during the year 2016. Expected to increase Iraq’s production of oil to 4.5 million barrels per day by the end of the year 2014 and nine million barrels per day by the year 2020, an increase of 157% almost all levels of our current production. With the goal of diversifying our economy beyond energy, Iraq plans to invest its oil revenues in educational projects and development crucial, including the rehabilitation of electric power and rebuild the transportation system we have . “

As well as this, he says Luqman Philly, that “Iraq buys currently worth more than $ 10 billion of military equipment, we pay of our revenues for us, and we are keen to buy these services from the United States. Buying and Iraq recently 30 Boeing BA line National Transportation testifies that we are a potential market for American goods and services. “

Finally, Iraq’s ambassador to the new United States has an article saying that “Iraqis will remain forever grateful to the Americans for their sacrifices as well as sacrifices to overthrow the tyranny of Saddam’s brutal. And look forward today to work together to build a democratic system strong and prosperous in Iraq and consolidate the strategic partnership between our two countries.”