Post CH VII: Specialist call for improved electronic banking for economic development

Post CH VII: Specialist call for improved electronic banking for economic development


Specialists called on to create a competitive environment among its

attributed a number of specialists on banking technologies cause confusion quotient in the process of electronic payment to the lack of available products because of the lack of competition in this important field, arguing the need to promote this service with a variety of companies operating in the the country, especially as the general budget exceeded 138 trillion dinars, up continuously.

economic expert d. Akram Abdel Aziz said: Iraq is witnessing In the ongoing transformations on the economic and banking trends towards improving the reality of institutional economic, financial and monetary line with global developments and thus the trends helped boost economic confidence by adopting the main objective is the creation of a safe and sound banking system and create a state of competition to improve the quality of service provided.

multiple branches and about that the development of technologies to communicate mail via a technological developments, the global banking industry, it has turned Iraq into pursuing ways advanced for the adoption of new technologies and to provide the service electronic banking to customers and in a form which serves large segments of society through conducting financial operations through multiple branches that work to provide the service through its agencies in line and reduce red tape to complete banking transactions without referring to the banks.

Abdul Aziz pointed out that Iraq is on the approach to the many States that have adopted the electronic payment including it Mstgneh for cash card system electronic must provide advanced services, and that there is a real investment in this important field and create an atmosphere of competition between several companies to get into the products promote the local economy, and the e-banking is the culture of modern banking service offers you need to attract a larger number of beneficiaries whenever the service is shortened cost and time and to ensure that the possibility of Astsak credit card information and the resulting consequences of the adoption of techniques developed for protection, on the whole, this service can be received popular and widely through cultural awareness banking on the one hand and open the doors of competition for companies sober may have to expand the framework of the beneficiaries and to ensure the the safety and quality of service and shorten the cost and time.

went real either competent affairs banking Jassim Al Aradi has pointed out that the local economy needs to be directed real towards electronic products in the banking sector and the services provided to the citizens, pointing out that the activation products of electronic payment needs to create a competitive environment in this field. adoption of a global and pointed to the importance of dealing with this trend with great interest to include all the facilities of government action, the private sector, especially as the electronic payment adopted in the world since the period is not quite some time and was adopted in the economic blocs small can not be compared to Iraq, which his budget nearing the (138) billion dinars This figure large in the field of economy and needs to Systems electronic payment sophisticated, indicating that the region’s countries have succeeded in this experiment, which must so they can be activated in the coming period by creating an atmosphere of competition between more than one company to eliminate the confusion made ​​in this joint. diversity of products He added that the size of the future work needs to be diversity of products for electronic payment via specialized companies have the capacity and potential of advanced and modern systems up service to the citizen sleek high In his whereabouts.

pointed to the importance of pay government salaries through electronic payment and achieved so economically feasible. It also provides a safe environment for money and keeping it from cases of theft and mobility problems with cash from place to place. advanced technology either head assembly industrial Abdul Hassan Shammari, he said: that the country need to transfer advanced technology that contribute to raising services to the citizen and adopted in the countries of the world, especially after the out the country from the provisions of Chapter VII, pointing out that the experience of electronic payment is extremely important because it enables the beneficiary to obtain service from anywhere exist.

competing companies and pointed out that the presence of ((Ironing Card)) alone in the yard of the local economy needs to be reviewed because the volume of work in Iraq, large and needs to be more than one company for the advancement of the services provided, indicating that the entry of future specialized in this regard is a positive step on the condition that comes systems work sophisticated contribute to the activation products of electronic payment and reach out to the world and in terms of service, and pointed to problems suffered by the field of electronic payment during the last period is proof that the country needs to extensive efforts in this area and expand the circle of products that must be submitted to the citizens.

delayed granting the card either citizen Ahmed Aziz Nasser has said he is waiting exchange $ 4 million dinars allocated for slice Displaced, but to no avail due not to grant the smart card by which to obtain a refund, and called for activating the work of electronic payment, which gives citizens the freedom to get their dues finance, through more than a company that provides services to slice citizens, pointing out that all citizens who are scrutinizing banks postpone their transactions for several months for not getting on the smart card because of the significant momentum by the slice citizens, and pointed out that the experience of electronic payment save a lot of time and effort to the beneficiary but to be promoting this experience through the expansion of numbers of companies, and suggested that the citizen is free to choose a company that offers a product or service developed, as it gets in the banking sector where the intended beneficiary bank, which sees more efficient than others, and provides a fast service.