Hours after ridding Chapter VII, Dinar rises against dollar

Hours after ridding Chapter VII, Dinar rises against dollar


Baghdad: Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi (morning)-hours after get rid Iraq from Chapter VII, the dinar has risen against the dollar.

As a member of the Association of private banks Saif Al hilfi, “Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar has seen a return to normal levels after Iraq output resolution of the provisions of Chapter VII.”

John said in an interview for (News Centre for the Iraqi media network): “the rate of the dinar against the dollar stabilized at 1210 dinars per dollar, “pointing out that the coming days would witness continuous rise of the Iraqi dinar value.

and John explained that override the provisions of Chapter VII a huge benefit, and that everyone has confidence in Iraqi dinar, Iraq has large financial reserves.

The next phase will witness a new investment trend is popular companies and investors and citizens to invest in the Iraqi dinar, stressing that the economic scene readings indicate a significant demand for the dinar will contribute to raising the price paid to foreign currencies.