Editorial by Saleh: Iraq and Chapter VII

Editorial by Saleh: Iraq and Chapter VII



Twenty-three years ago on the situation in Iraq and its people behind bars Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations as they look today to a few words uttered by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon in a few days past a wed human that bars Stnhani constraint سينكسر and will disappear Chapter VII and freed the people Iraqi prison life, but I did not hear, but voice and one is a sound people Manual cry one what value to stay or to go Chapter VII which is perched كالسلحفاة long ago as long as the historical time in the life of the Iraqi nation is nothing compared to the time of the cosmic after it is cooked nation and Astute hopes to zilch progress!

We have given a mirage Chapter VII for the past two decades is something adaptation of international relations where Iraq in the entrances and goings and in two different directions, represents the first is : creating economic activity and job gelatinous sustain life behind bars represent processing program during the siege called oil-for-food program in 1996. When I put revenues memorandum of understanding for the oil for food program in the calculation of an exclusive closed at the disposal of the Secretary-General of the UN alone to change it in the French bank in New York and named PNB Paribas after it was accompanied by establishment of the United Nations Fund for compensation under resolution 687 in 1996, the fund, which coincided with the signing of a Memorandum understanding, as it allowed the mechanism of the Secretary-General of the UN exclusively act resources account Iraqi oil exported under a memorandum of understanding after deducting At least 30% of each barrel of Iraqi oil source meets the compensation for the Kuwait war which identified about $ 53 billion, as well as deducting 4% Other meet the expenses of the international inspection teams that were looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And despite the fact that that account may fill some deficiency of the Iraqi people and filling needs consumer food urgent but stayed needed without minimum about the deteriorating standard of living and rising poverty line live in the shadow of more than three-quarters of the population of Iraq, and ended the country whereby into a quagmire of underdevelopment and loss and destruction intension corruption with the same internationalist program, which counted one of the corrupted programs in the contemporary international political economy, because of mismanagement, bribery and corruption of supply contracts. Because it was imagined in my life, for example, that a book university in the principles of economics writer Economic veteran Paul Samlson up Iraq at the expense of oil for food program in the late nineties of the past decade and the cost of imported U.S. $ 300 per copy, and the fact that no matter what it it does not exceed the cost thirty dollars not only, and so was funded by Iraq’s needs!

As for the other direction: it represents to justify the use of military force and pave the way for the occupation of Iraq, after The UN Security Council is air conditions in its resolution No. 1441 in 2002, who summed up the problem of the Kuwait war and weapons of mass destruction that came in its previous resolutions to pave the use of Articles 41 and 42 and Article 50 of the UN Charter, which allows the use of force and the configuration of the occupation of Iraq as part of what threatens international peace and security.

If the input and output landmarks economic and military which they adapt to Iraq under the umbrella of Chapter VII before April 9, 2003, these monuments has taken different forms after the above date, which represents a military occupation of Iraq and the changes that have been it features the state and the political and economic life. Instead of canceling Chapter VII, entered Iraq mirage that chapter and extensions and stings took fit the military situation and the new economic without coming out of Iraq under this chapter, and has been seen to our country, as the country is still an aggressor to world peace despite the occupation and its surrender and change its parameters political, economic and مضيها in the way of peace.

He was born this matter of continuing mirage Chapter VII economic results hybrid in the installation style economy and problematic economic system and international relations that abused Iraq being the countries of the investment risk high in spite of enjoying surpluses economic comparative actual and possible. Did not avoid the country’s only open to liberal trade and financial widely but did not exceed the scope of the middle regional ocean Iraq or parts of the consumer markets of Asia for satisfy deficiencies consumption and compensation for products was offset by the domestic economy in natural conditions.

It also has advanced technology semi prohibited from entering the country, and did not initiate construction companies International that promote investments related to infrastructure to enter Iraq and did not respond to the demands of Iraq’s development in spite of the temptations of jobs, for being considered to business activity with suspicion and the strength of the risks posed by the chapter in question. And notes for the irony that the memorandum of the oil-for-food signed in 1996 touched only outlet for foreign oil companies in a rush to develop oil fields and invest in the licensing rounds for the safety of the legal situation in the areas of technology and arbitration, at the time deprived the country of the rush in the areas of no less importance to the advancement of life and economic development, particularly limited to the electricity sector, industry and technology and related linkages. Fortunately, it survived the Kurdistan region of this injustice according to exceptions due to the ability of the region to provide self-administration after 1991 and govern itself, making it easier for Kurdistan gave the lead in restoring infrastructure core, including the electrical power that was lacking for decades, long time .

Has attracted motionless development in Iraq and glided toward the edges are fragile because of the barriers established by Chapter VII lightly and flexibility invisible or a mirage high since 9 April 2003 and until the present time, which made the country, for example, a workshop stalled waiting for electric power and supplies renaissance, at the time available to the country’s foreign currency liquidity appropriate, and perhaps for less today about a hundred billion dollars, but there remains disabled and stand in the way international blocker in front of Iraq’s progress is a mirage Chapter VII. And continued development creeps behind market liberalism, which should not exceed the import vocabulary Makant the availability of the memorandum of understanding, but this time wrapped candy and imports means fun and communication-intensive a few production and added value. It productive pattern dangerous to Aattalaa to production but Aenkvee behind bars Chapter VII consumer.

Ironically, striking the other adapt to it Chapter VII in Srabh after Maes 2003 is the UN Security Council Resolution 1483, which established the Development Fund for Iraq, DFI under the supervision of the United Nations, where the designed mechanism bank named OPRA to withhold 5% of the proceeds of oil and oil products and gas exported from Iraq and which Akiemh deposited in this fund, which is a bank account with the Federal Reserve Bank in New York after it was which convert leftover amounts of the Memorandum of Understanding and any Iraqi assets frozen was edited by the international banks and measures that have been frozen under siege. But the thing that changed at this stage compared to stage a memorandum of understanding, that oil revenues has moved from the French bank to bank the U.S. and dispose of them had moved from the hands of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the International Council for Control and Supervision IAMB a committee composed of representatives from the United Nations and the World Bank and the Fund International Monetary Council, the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League, and maybe there are representative of the Ministry of Finance of Iraq which, if any, the Board shall be mentioned that established under resolution 1546 in 2004, the performance of tasks, namely: that the money is drawn from the Development Fund for Iraq in the interest of the Iraqi people. And the import and export of Iraqi oil is in accordance with the best practices in international trade. In this sense, the protection of Iraq’s money on the part of judicial claims of trade creditors who have not been the settlement of indebtedness with Iraq under the Paris Club agreement, can not they hold custody on that money under this protective mechanism which is an extension of what came it was the expense of the Memorandum of Understanding.

And thus did not keep away the Security Council resolution No. 1956 15-12-2010 which ended whereby the custody of the money the Development Fund for Iraq actress International Council for Control and Supervision, but ended at the same time the international protection of those funds and the possibility of exposing them to the risk of trade creditors and booking judicial and court decisions in their possession. And Iraq had to liquidate the expense of the Development Fund for Iraq, provided that ensures a mechanism to pay 5% compensation to the UN Special Fund Kuwait war under a single account. It is the dilemma of building a new account and another mechanism in the absence of international protection also wanted the Security Council resolution in the above was not available to Iraq about this forestry, but the opportunity presented by the presidential order the U.S. under the emergency laws, which stipulates the protection of Iraq’s money in the account mentioned in the U.S. territory in line with the effective date of the Security Council resolution No. 1956 referred to above, which became effective on June 30, 2011, where the United States has provided such protection under the presidential order and بقرارين similar covered two U.S. protection of Iraq’s money during the years 2012-2014.

It is the elite speak, probably will come out of Iraq from Chapter VII of the time coming and we leave we the people of Iraq rods that chapter of anti-development and progress and we look forward to an oasis of Chapter VI of the UN Charter, which is the chapter on peace and progress and then turn the page on the wars. Here we must be realized the ability to restore electrical power before others. So we see the fact that the stop electrification of Iraq was due to limitations of Chapter VII and intentional hidden forces that deprived the country in access to energy technology and a progress and development.

And finally, that what happened to this vital sector is the price of a mirage Chapter VII and Msknath since 9 April 2003 and who was born for us regrettably a country free of industry and technology intense passion for consumer products ready to eat even sleep without the future of the little … he Chapter VII … It’s a game of Nations.

*) Economic researcher and deputy governor of the Central Bank of the former Iraqi