Global companies show increasing desires to invest in Iraq

Global companies show increasing desires to invest in Iraq


still major international companies seeking to access the Iraqi market, especially after the investment facilities large awarded by Iraq for these companies, and of tax exemptions and customs, as well as the development of the banking massive which can help to establish an investment environment sober.

competent affairs investment Jassim Al Aradi said in interview (morning): A large number of economists believe that the laws of modern economic pursued by Iraq, which helps to support the private sector, is one of the things that contributed to attracting international companies to the country, and strive to establish construction projects developed in which, as many of research centers and international studies confirmed unequivocally that the majority of global companies discreet seeking to access the Iraqi market, either for the establishment of specialized projects by, or for access partnerships with the local private sector.

Lama director Levant, LG Tae Hoon Rio has pointed out that the Iraqi market, thanks to its openness to all global markets, have come to represent the market first in the Middle East, and this, according to Rio, shares up Iqbal important companies to invest in the Iraqi market starved for various types of modern products, indicating that the markets of electronics and household items, which is characterized by its , occupies the top of the market in Iraq, especially after the rise in sales volume to high levels not seen for the rest of the regional markets.

shows the Rio that the company managed to collect a huge amount of information, ideas and opinions on the best features and characteristics desired by customers in the Iraqi market, which has been on the basis of Manufacturing Number of Products recent new to satisfy their tastes, the latest TV Babylon, which is characterized by being able to work long hours without the need for an electric current, so the possibility of stored energy, as well as its ability to receive satellite channels.

believes director of the Levant that many of the obstacles to by Investors have been overcome by the Iraqi government, which contributed to the increase turnout companies, but the Rio confirmed that the obstacle most prominent which Mazel impede the arrival of companies is the process of obtaining a visa, which led to a delay in the arrival of a lot of representatives of companies and directors to Iraq, praising at the same time, the size of the development of the Iraqi private sector, and its ability to accommodate many companies and engage with them in bilateral partnerships contributed to activating the free market system that has become Iraq ينتهجه clearly years ago, and expected to grow sales volume of his company in Iraq after the turnout broad witnessed by products of LG recently, suggesting that the company is looking forward because the evolution of one of the competitors top in the mobile phone markets, having issued Markets TV in the Levant and Iraq, pointing out that the TV Babylon came as part of the fulfillment of the company to the reality of Iraq, which suffers a decline in processing power, it which necessitated the LG innovation Tlvazha “Babel,” which he can store energy and work in times of power outages, as well as the advantage the second to capture signals satellite channels. likely are interested in economic affairs that occupies the Iraqi market, ranked first among regional markets, arguing that to thirst those markets, the large variety of household items and electronics, as a result of deprivation that lived Iraq long periods of time, before witnessing its markets open after the fall of the former regime, draws concerned that the flow of goods as the current can come back usefulness of the citizen, but he can hurt fact the local industrial , suggesting the government to allow the introduction of goods that can not be manufactured only in Iraq, and provide an opportunity for private sector companies to provide the rest of the products for the domestic market, which could privately manufactured.

economic expert sword Hilfi, praised the size of Iqbal international companies, which witnessed the Iraqi market, pointing out that the public budgets of the country, talking about great figures of the market allowed the Iraqi occupation of mattresses advanced between regional markets, especially as the investment allocations amounted to large numbers.