You will be next Barzani, president of the Iraqis?!

You will be next Barzani, president of the Iraqis?!

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You will be next Barzani, president of the Iraqis?!Baghdad / Orr News

Kurdish political sources said other Arab in Iraq, said the head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, Matrouh in the corridors of political power to take over the presidency after the elections in 2014.

She explained these sources that move Barzani to Baghdad in line with the trends in place to support the foundations upon which the political process and the launch of dialogue between the various parties to settle the crises accumulated, as is consistent with the desire of Arab and Kurdish to strengthen relations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad, and end the tension that prevailed in these relations over the past years . followed the legal and political weight to Barzani facilitate compatibility, if he became president of Iraq, and there is an environment to resolve major crises between Baghdad and Erbil over the long term.

She Kurdish sources that scenario arises requires exchanged “smooth” in roles within the region, especially between poles major “Democratic Party” and the “National Union” to ensure the presidential elections in Kurdistan, in conjunction with the general election, and to support a consensus candidate for the party Talabani for the presidency. Supports this scenario, the same sources said, the agreement between the two main Kurdish parties, and preserve the gains achieved by the region in the past years.

Will see Iraq early in 2014 general elections considered observers articulated to determine the form of government, there are two theories: First supports a provision centrally strong focus powers in the hands of the prime minister, and adopts the second principle of consensus between the forces and components and authorities to overcome the crises and challenges to be the president’s role in controlling the balance between institutions .

The Iraqi constitution allows the president to take over more than two consecutive terms. The sources added that Barzani, who succeeded in 2010 under the initiative of the formation of the current government, through what is known as the “initiative Arbil,” the consensus of all parties, will be the presence in Baghdad, suitable for the expansion of similar initiatives at the level of relations crisis between the government and Sunni forces, revealing that “the leaders of the Year asked Barzani to intervene to hold dialogues similar to defuse the crisis, which has worsened in the absence of the effective role that was played by President Jalal Talabani. ” She stressed that the atmosphere that followed the initiative of the national meeting sponsored by the leader of the “Supreme Islamic Council” Ammar al-Hakim, and the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, leader of a coalition of “state law” Arbil, in addition to the expected visit of Barzani to Baghdad in the coming days, paving the atmosphere for research in finding compromises to maintain the unity of Iraq, and is pushing for civil peace.

And Lowery observers variables regional conflict, and the size of the sectarian polarization growing, especially at the level of the Syrian file, put back the option of adhering to what has been political and media circles Iraqi described (b touchstone Kurdish) to impose a consensus on the level of legislative and executive powers on the one hand, and improve the atmosphere tense in dealing with the regional file from the other side. And go to the consensus internally on the Iraqi presidency Barzani, will be supported by regional and international, and will contribute to the development of Iraq’s relations with the countries of the region and the world.