Washington set limits in front of Maliki’s coalition came to power again

Washington set limits in front of Maliki’s coalition came to power again

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Washington set limits in front of Maliki's coalition came to power againBaghdad / Orr News

Political sources revealed identical information about American efforts to change the political map in Iraq by intervening in the process of the formation of local governments to prevent the survival of the ruling party currently in power, in reference to the State of Law coalition led by al-Maliki.

The sources, who declined to give her identity, that “the replacement of the United Nations representative in Iraq, came to this purpose.” The sources said that “Washington is seeking to make a number of changes on the Iraqi political scene in the coming period through intervention and influence on the formation of local governments, which will be in accordance with a formula alliances may look like it fragile somewhat but بالمحصلة will not allow the ruling party is to stay in power more because his role ended , “as described.

The source, who said the United States is a key player in the political process in Iraq, likely to be the transfer of the UN representative in Iraq Martin Kobler to Congo and the appointment of an American rather it has to do with the matter, describing it as “a shift of gears chessboard.” The United Nations has declared, yesterday, for the replacement of its representative in Iraq, Martin Kobler, and decided to send it to the Democratic Republic of Congo, while confirming that the decision to replace “routine” and nothing to do with the accusations leveled by some political parties in Iraq to Kubler about the lack of neutrality.