The foreign ministers of Iraq and Kuwait will meet in America soon to put an end to sanctions on Baghdad

The foreign ministers of Iraq and Kuwait will meet in America soon to put an end to sanctions on Baghdad


Visit Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi foreign minister and his Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the United Nations soon, to resolve to expel Iraq from Chapter VII.

Fouad said Alldorki, MP for the coalition of state law, ruling in Iraq, for “News of Moscow”, “The Foreign Minister Zebari, and his Kuwaiti counterpart, will visit America, to meet with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the resolution to expel Iraq from Chapter VII soon.”

He added that Kuwait serious in supporting Iraq’s request for the project to the UN Security Council and the United Nations, to take it out of Chapter VII, especially since the differences between the two countries resolved.

Zebari said, dish a statement issued by the ministry on Wednesday, seen “news Moscow” on it, he was “briefed the ambassadors on the attitude and vision of Iraq of the proceedings currently under way, to adopt a new resolution in the Council about Iraq out of the provisions of Chapter VII. “

statement came Zebari, after meeting with the ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council, who praised turn “the great efforts made ​​by the two sides Iraq and Kuwait to resolve their differences through peaceful means and civilization, and taking into account the interests of the two countries.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, yesterday, the UN Security Council remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and put an end to the threat of sanctions, which still threatens Iraq since it invaded Kuwait in 1990.

and Iraq must pay 5 percent of the total oil revenues to Kuwait, compensation established by the United Nations for the damage done to Kuwait due to the Iraqi invasion of August / August 1990 to February 1991.

predicted the Iraqi foreign minister late last month, to come out of his country from the provisions of Chapter VII permanently, After remaining full payment of compensation to Kuwait by the year 2015