House of Representatives ended its first meeting today to vote on three bills and raise its to Thursday

House of Representatives ended its first meeting today to vote on three bills and raise its to Thursday


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The House voted today in its first session of the first legislative term for the fourth legislative year, which was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Council Osama Najafi, head of the House of Representatives and the presence of 175 deputies on three bills and ended the first and second readings of four bills.

A statement to the media circle Najafi call the House of Representatives to “cooperate to accomplish pending laws in commissions through understanding, cooperation and put the supreme interest of the country for legislation important laws,” stressing “the importance of political understandings investment to serve the Iraqi people.”.

The Council voted on the “draft law on ratification of the Convention on training Iraqi security forces between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and NATO and the report of the Commission on Security and Defense due to the desire of the Government of the Republic of Iraq and NATO in developing the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, including helping to build and rehabilitate professionally effective and durable.

The Council voted on a draft law of the First Amendment to the order of CPA No. (87) for the year 2004 submitted by the committees of legal, economics, investment, services and reconstruction in order to accelerate the pace of implementation of strategic projects, which decided to refer to contractors or companies to implement them and not to delay direct in this implementation in the case of an objection until the decision of the Administrative Court and acquisition have become final and which did not specify the duration of time for the purpose of canceling the Administrative Court competent affairs complaints and disputes resulting from the granting of public contracts by the Corporation under the CPA Order now defunct No. 87 for the year 2004 and restore competence to the ordinary courts. “.

The Presidency postponed vote on the bill Training Center monetary and banking and financial report of the Commission while approaching the government to find out the reasons for request replies law.

And completed the Council vote on the draft law of the Fifth Amendment to the law of the State Council No. (65) for the year 1979 and the report of the Legal Committee because of what is being handled by the State Council of the important duties in the preparation and drafting of bills and account adviser to the state in the construction of opinion and consultation of legal and to increase the duties of the increasing number of legislations The inquiry and clarification before it and to increase the number of advisers and assistants and advisers development of the courts to eliminate administrative and staff spend in some areas to facilitate the process of litigation and the protection of citizens of arbitrariness Aalsultat administrative and protect the rights of the state and maintenance of breach of duties functional staff.

And decided the Presidency postpone the vote on the draft law on the sale and lease of state funds provided by the committees of financial, legal and endowments, economy and investment in order to provide an opportunity for the committees of Awqaf and finance to reach a formula agreement graduated money Endowments from the funds of other state