Kuwait: Near to work with Iraq in joint oil fields and are involved in the construction of the port of Mubarak

Kuwait: Near to work with Iraq in joint oil fields and are involved in the construction of the port of Mubarak



Revealed the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry near the adoption of a memorandum of understanding with Iraq on joint oil fields between the two countries.

The Kuwaiti delegation headed by Prime Minister Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah visited Iraq last Wednesday and signed several agreements and memoranda of understanding announced during talks Iraqi and Kuwaiti officials said the two governments had asked of Mendobhma UN interview Ban Ki-moon and informed agreement of the two countries and that Iraq had been implemented fully the obligations imposed on it under Chapter VII by the Security Council resolutions and the demand of the secretary-general of the UN report it to the Security Council to raise the terms of Chapter VII of Iraq.

Said Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Khaled Al-Jarallah on file joint development of oil fields in a press statement that “there is a memorandum prepared and will soon be adopted in the two countries and direct in oil operations in the light of this note.”

In terms of بتطرق the Iraqi side during the visit to the subject of the port of Mubarak, said Jarallah, “did not we address this topic in the visit of the Kuwaiti delegation to Iraq, and the port of Mubarak proceeding according to plans drawn to him and there is no new, and we hope soon to work in the port of Mubarak, the reception of ships, spin the wheel very vital in the port, which will not be in the interest of Kuwait only, but also for the benefit of Iraq. “

The official described the Kuwaiti Prime Minister’s visit his country Jaber Al-Mubarak recently to Iraq as “successful by all standards,” he said, “we went to Baghdad to turn the page on the past and establish a relationship filled with respect and understanding, good neighborliness and common interests,” stressing that “the talks were positive and fraternal and transparent and frank with our brothers in Iraq” .

He pointed out, “It was during the visit, addressed to all the files and did not rule out a dossier certain of these files at all, and there is a common understanding between us and our brothers in Iraq about these files that are related to bilateral and fraternal relationship between the two countries.”

He continued, Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry “We have worked with our brothers in Iraq out of Chapter VII and access to Chapter VI, and this is a result of the fulfillment of Iraq of its obligations, especially in relation to the resolution [833] and we expect during the next week or at the end of the month to begin the transition to our brothers in Iraq out of Chapter seventh in the final. “

And reparations owed ​​by Iraq by the former regime’s invasion of Kuwait, Jarallah said “reparations owed ​​by Iraq for the benefit of Kuwait is going according to its program, and Iraq has committed to pay this compensation and one-time or continues to be in his mid-2015.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations has held a telephone conversation with the Emir of Kuwait, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the latest developments Alalacah between the two countries before it receives representatives of Iraq and Kuwait in the international organization to ask the Ki-moon displayed Iraq out of Chapter VII of the UN Security Council.

According to Kuwait’s permanent representative to the United Nations, the Security Council will consider the matter on June 27 present and that he believed that the resolution will pass without any hindrance.

And witnessed the official relations between Iraq and Kuwait described the positive developments during the past few months, to end the outstanding issues between the two countries, and to remove Iraq from the international sanctions imposed on it in the seventh item, by the UN Security Council.