Iraqi politicians pleased with Iraq-Kuwait agreements and hopeful for CH VII exit

Iraqi politicians pleased with Iraq-Kuwait agreements and hopeful for CH VII exit


The Science: the visit of the Prime Minister of Kuwait to Iraq laid the foundations for future relations between the two countries 14-06-2013 05:06 PM

Baghdad (newsletter).Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait said Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Aloom, the visiting Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to Baghdad Wednesday, laid the foundations for the future of Kuwait-Iraq relations and that there are no outstanding bilateral problems between the two countries, the issue of the port of Mubarak was overridden.

Ulum said in a press statement, to: the signing of the agreement between the two countries to regulate the waterway in the Khawr Abdullah include solutions to the port of Khawr Abdullah and Mubarak, which organized the Convention, pointing out that it now before the Iraqi Parliament to ratify it when signing the Convention exceeded thing problems in case of any problem in the future, the Convention is the common framework for resolution, and hoped that there would be no issues looking in the future after entering the gates of constructive cooperation.

Al-uloum said: there are no outstanding issues between the two countries, adding that all issues between the two sides put on the table and lay the foundations for their resolution, adding that the most important thing was the issues associated with Security Council resolutions.

He said: during the visit, signed six agreements, and in the future there will be meetings of the Joint Commission between the two countries to be held in Baghdad, is scheduled to follow the rest of what was done during the visit, and also be signed 6 agreements in other areas, stressing that the two countries next to a good future, we cannot say that there are bilateral problems between the two countries.

Al-uloum said: it started building the future and laying the foundations and new frontiers, adding support for Iraq out of Chapter VII, noting: that two countries decided a joint memorandum of understanding to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon indicated Iraq fulfils its international obligations in order to get him out of Chapter VII, and these developments and agreements constitute the beginning of a new stage of relations, expressing the hope that the positive impact on the future of the two countries and the return of Iraq to the full recovery and economic recovery of Kuwait and Iraq and that Will have a positive impact on the region as a whole.